ABB releases free Decathlon® Preview for power meters to bring relief to data centers locked in to proprietary monitoring

2014-02-03 - Decathlon Preview for power meters trial version can be downloaded for hands-on experience with remote monitoring of up to 50 power meters

Cary, N.C., February 3, 2014 – ABB today released a free trial version of its ABB Decathlon® data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software to enable data center operators to evaluate Decathlon’s capabilities in monitoring power meters at no cost. Decathlon, which can interface with and monitor any meter, allows those customers with closed or proprietary systems to overcome the constraints of vendor lock-in while maximizing the return on investment with existing meters. No meter replacements are required.

ABB Decathlon provides tools to manage a flexible network of power, cooling and IT systems for maximum reliability, energy efficiency and optimal utilization of all data center assets. Decathlon Preview for power meters is the first trial software designed to provide hands-on experience with a specific feature of ABB Decathlon, the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive DCIM product.

Companies can obtain Decathlon Preview for power meters, at no cost, through a secure download from the Decathlon web page and use it to monitor as many as 50 ION-protocol power meters. (The full version of ABB Decathlon can monitor 5,000 or more meters running virtually any protocol).

The license allows usage of the Decathlon Preview trial software for 21 days, with an option to extend the evaluation period through a simple license renewal. Licenses run on 21-day calendar cycles from the receipt of the software, and users are free to renew the license at any point during those cycles.

“Downloading Decathlon Preview for power meters is a simple and cost-free way to discover how easily power quality can be monitored across an entire data center, bringing together all the data needed to support decision-making,” said Rich Ungar, global head of R&D for Decathlon at ABB. “Our R&D engineers developed this trial software as a way for IT professionals, facility architects and managers to gain a first-hand understanding of the value that ABB Decathlon can bring to their data centers. We are eager to acquaint them with the full range of integration and automation that ABB Decathlon can offer.”

Decathlon Preview for power meters demonstrates how data center managers can resolve the complexities of integrating the performance data of all the equipment in a data center into a single operational view. Through that single pane view, both ABB Decathlon and the Preview version allow data center managers to easily access, view and manage system performance data from the critical power path.

Like the full version, Decathlon Preview for power meters displays the data in ready-made dashboards with phasor diagrams, flicker indication, harmonics histograms and waveform traces. The complete ABB Decathlon system allows users to create more dashboards, use preconfigured or custom reports, see where meters physically reside and compare meter values with aggregated results from other power-related data. Decathlon Preview for power meters allows multiple users to simultaneously access meter information from Web browsers supporting HTML 5. Snapshots of the captured data can be exported to a Microsoft Excel® comma-separated value file for use in reporting.

About ABB Decathlon:
ABB Decathlon (, built on an open platform design, provides the tools to manage a flexible network of power, cooling and IT systems for maximum reliability, energy efficiency and optimal utilization of all data center assets. It is part of ABB’s broad portfolio of integrated solutions, products and services, from AC and DC electric distribution systems to enterprise management and grid connections.

About ABB
ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 150,000 people. The company's North American operations, headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, employ about 30,000 people in multiple manufacturing, service, engineering and other major facilities.

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