Australia building earns highest green rating thanks to ABB technology

2014-02-03 - ABB’s i-bus KNX control system helps skyscraper in Sydney to receive the 6 Star Office Design v2 rating by the Green Building Council of Australia, the country’s highest environmental recognition.

Not long ago, we could only dream of a building controlled by sensors, managed at the touch of a button or even remotely. ABB, with its broad portfolio of power technologies, control systems and energy efficient applications has equipped the ANZ Tower in Sydney with the ABB i-bus KNX lighting control system turned that fantasy into a reality.

The ABB i-bus® KNX Intelligent Building Control system is a breakthrough in energy management, which can offer up to 30 percent energy in efficiency benefits. The ABB i-bus® KNX enables the integration of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, window shading, security and comfort controls with energy measurement.

Rainer Baumann, global manager for ABB’s Building Automation product group, said “Imagine the possibilities for smart buildings and smart cities to synchronize the adjustment of air conditioning or heating by one to two degrees with the power grid. All of these minor adjustments over the city not only have an impact on the environment for the occupants of the building, but could also play a major role in averting the risk of a grid outage.

“As a concrete example of the potential of this technology, ABB has been involved in a very successful project in Sydney, Australia, which has received the country’s highest environmental recognition with the 6 Star Office Design v2 rating by the Green Building Council of Australia.”

The recently completed ANZ Tower in Sydney has over 44 floors and has many environmentally friendly features including high efficiency chillers, a tri-generation plant, a thermally shielded and automated façade as well as rainwater harvesting. In addition, the iconic roof structure design and highly glazed façade both help to provide high levels of daylight throughout the building. One of the key sustainability initiatives in the tower is the ABB i-bus KNX lighting control system.

ABB i-bus KNX light sensors located throughout the building constantly monitor the ambient light levels and automatically adjust the artificial lighting to provide the required lux levels. Combining daylight harvesting with ABB i-bus KNX presence detection ensures that the optimum light level is delivered while reducing energy wastage.

The KNX controlled installation will realize estimated energy savings of approximately 30 percent when compared to non-automated conventional lighting control solution.

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