ABB introduces new platform for high voltage rib cooled motors
Setting a new standard for electric motors

2014-02-05 - ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, is introducing a new high voltage rib cooled motor platform that combines small size, high power density, high reliability and easy maintenance. The motor is the result of ABB’s accumulated know-how and dedication to lower total cost of ownership, fine-tuned with optimized use of material, improved airflow and innovative new construction design.

This next generation HXR, motor type called NXR, sets a new benchmark in the rib cooled motor category. Not only does it offer more power from the same frame size, but also more power per kilogram. The motor’s running temperature is more balanced, meaning longer intervals between servicing.

“I like to think that our motor has not only more kilowatts, but also more know-how per kilogram than any high voltage rib cooled motor before,” says Thomas Ek, Product Manager of ABB’s high voltage motors. “This has been a major engineering effort where we have thought through the entire life cycle of the motor and every detail of it.”

The new motors complete ABB’s existing range of High voltage rib cooled motors with a new frame structure and new technology, resulting in groundbreaking features both inside and outside.

Improved internal and external cooling system

Cooling is remarkably improved, both inside and outside the motor, explains Karita Forss, Product Manager for ABB’s high voltage induction motors. “We used cooling fluid dynamics to study airflow and investigate different cooling mechanisms, and I have to say there is not a single detail we haven’t optimized in our motor.”

The cooling surface area has been maximized and the shape, size and placement of the cooling ribs are precisely optimal. Even all the possible additional devices outside the frame were taken into account in optimizing the structure: the external cooling airflow is always free along the motor, no matter what devices are added to the frame.

The operating temperature inside the motor is well balanced between the D- and N-ends, which means a longer life for the bearings and longer intervals between lubrication. The coil design has also been improved to increase the motor’s power density. ABB has developed totally new, high-precision coil forming tools to ensure the optimum use of active material.

Flexible yet rigid construction

The motor’s entire construction is flexible and interchangeable, which offers a totally new kind of freedom in installation. All of the components outside the frame can be mounted in the ideal position. The main terminal and auxiliary box can be flexibly mounted to either side or either end of the motor. This allows the same motor to be used in a variety of locations and applications, which in many cases provides a big economic advantage for the plant owner.

Finite element method modelling was used to optimize material usage in the frame. This has resulted in details – like wider feet and a smaller frame – that provide an extremely rigid structure with minimal vibration and comply with all the main international standards. The final result is a very reliable motor which is easy to install, maintain and operate.

Mounting accessories on the motors is very straightforward, thanks to the ready-made fixing points along the sides of the motor. A wide range of standardized accessories are available, including ABB MACHsense-P and ABB MACHsense-R condition monitoring devices. Many details, like the oval fixing holes in the wider feet and a cable tray for auxiliary wiring, make it easy to install and get the perfect result.

Easier servicing and longer uptime

The new motors are designed for serviceability and monitoring. The design provides very easy access to all maintainable parts and rapid grease changes. The coil end and bearings can be checked with an endoscope without the end shields needing to be removed. ABB MACHsense-P and ABB MACHsense-R condition monitoring devices can easily be mounted on the motor’s pre-designed fixing points, making the motors easy to maintain and reducing the cost of not running.

ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 150,000 people.

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