ABB pilots new digital power distribution management system at major Asian airport

2017-09-07 - Advanced power system supports expansion at world’s largest low-cost airline hub in Bangkok

ABB is piloting an innovative ABB AbilityTM electrical distribution management system (DMS) at the Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok. The intelligent DMS connects a range of smart power devices by ABB to boost the power system’s efficiency, safety and reliability.

The pilot forms a key part of an expansion project at Don Mueang, one of the world’s oldest international airports. With capacity increased to 30 million passengers a year, upgrades to its power DMS were essential.

Nirundorn Chaovanapricha, ABB Thailand, said: “This pilot project demonstrates how ABB Ability new digital solutions, power growth. For facilities like Don Mueang, operating 24/7, ABB solutions provide the exceptional reliability needed from their electrical power system – our smart application of digital innovations help transform older facilities into world-class competitors in terms of power system safety, efficiency and reliability.”

The ABB pilot project uses an intelligent DMS to manage the power distribution in the airport’s busy Passenger Terminal 2, Pier 5 and South Corridor buildings. Using intelligent power devices and advanced networking protocols makes monitoring and controlling the demand and flow of electricity at the site simpler and more robust.

The intelligent DMS uses sensor data from a network of connected smart devices to automate a range of power management functions, increasing system reliability and efficiency. The ABB DMS combines ABB’s Emax 2 smart circuit breakers, i-bus KNX intelligent building control, MicroSCADA power management and Arc Guard arc protection systems.

With Emax 2 smart circuit breakers installed, ABB’s DMS, part of the ABB Ability portfolio, can select and control individual breakers to maintain maximum power availability and minimize any downtime. Thanks to IEC-61850 embedded in Emax 2 circuit breakers, an Ethernet connection links each circuit breaker to ABB’s MicroSCADA network directly, enabling the high-speed exchange of data across the network without protocol converters. The solution has significantly increased system reliability and minimizes the consequences when faults do occur. In the event of a failure in the system, the medium voltage breaker opens instantly to guard against damage.

The use of Ethernet cabling also makes the installation work faster. Using just one cable instead of wiring separate links for each device has reduced installation time and labor costs by around 50 percent, accelerating the project’s delivery phase. Compared with traditional, hardwired and conventional Ethernet cabling connections, ABB’s solution reduces the cost of transferring electrical data by up to 20%.

ABB’s i-bus KNX intelligent building control system further optimizes the facility’s energy efficiency, ensuring only the amount of energy required is used in its daily operations. This is combined with ABB’s MicroSCADA system, which gathers and analyzes real-time data to boost reliability and manage power more effectively.

To increase safety, reliability and system availability, the DMS is also equipped with ABB’s market leading Arc Guard System TVOC-2. Using optical detection technology, it spots electrical arcs the instant they occur, responding to prevent damage in milliseconds thereby minimizing system damage, downtime and most importantly increasing the safety level for anyone working in the switchgear.

“Serving more than 650 flights every day, the Don Mueang expansion project needed a partner to deliver reliable and efficient technologies without impacting day-to-day operations,” said Racha Sukchom, General Manager of Larch and Laurel, ABB’s system integrator for this project. “With the great technical support of ABB, we were able to offer this innovative solution that ensures the electrical services at Don Mueang Airport are safer and more reliable.”

The ABB solution also helps reduce operational costs by making it quick and convenient for facility operators and technicians to remote-monitor the network and all the site’s electrical equipment by simply checking the real-time status on a central computer. Intuitive touchscreen interfaces with color displays on the Emax 2 trip units further simplify routine monitoring and maintenance tasks, with multi-lingual menus also available in Thai. And, by automatically logging events and time stamping every data transmission, it is easier for technicians to analyze power demand and key events.

ABB’s solution for Don Mueang also included Tmax XT molded case circuit breakers and AF contactors, further enhancing the performance, reliability and safety of the installation.

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