ABB announces modular retrofit solution for KT94 and KT98 systems

2015-10-14 - ABB, one of the leading suppliers of automation solutions for the newspaper industry, has announced a new footprint-compatible solution for replacing obsolete control systems based on the KT94 and KT98 families, which have been used on a large number of printing presses.

The adapter solution has exactly the same connection layout as the KT94 and KT98 original devices, but carries modern modules from the AC500 family. This means that no changes to the mounting and wiring are required. All existing interfaces are supported including Ethernet, Arcnet, dualport RAM, CS31 bus etc.

Complete compatibility with fieldbuses and the CS31 I/O bus mean that single modules can be replaced without disturbing the rest of the system. Systems can therefore be replaced in a step-by-step process.

A wide range of adapters are available and the existing KT94 and KT98 software can be migrated — no extensive software modifications are required.

Every replacement device is based on the trend-setting technology of the AC500 series. This not only solves problems with the availability of spare parts but also makes additional functions available to the applications.

AC500 is a mature system in the middle of the active phase of the life cycle. It is used in countless demanding applications worldwide. The long-term availability of spare parts is guaranteed by ABB and parts are available from the local ABB organizations in over 100 countries and also from third-party suppliers.

Examples of the adapter solutions with modern AC500 devices mounted

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