Water sector expertise illustrated at Global Leakage Summit

2010-02-12 - Instrumentation products on show to a global audience

ABB was the main sponsor at the recent Global Water Leakage Summit in London and jointly presented our involvement in the forthcoming Project Neptune, an innovative three-year initiative aimed at gathering and utilizing real time information on water leakage.

Now in its fourth year, the Global Water Leakage Summit is dedicated to the discussion and presentation of new technologies for managing leakage. The range of ABB instrumentation products on show included WaterMaster, AquaMaster and AquaProbe. The exhibition stand was supported by people from both the UK and factory sales and marketing teams.

Tim Door, UK Water Industry Manager for ABB and Ridwan Patel of Yorkshire Water Services presented the Project Neptune concept, which uses software developed by leading UK universities to analyze and detect leakage and bursts in water supply pipelines.

Launched in April 2007, Project Neptune is a strategic partnership between ABB, Yorkshire Water, United Utilities, the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and seven UK universities.

The aim of the project is to show how real-time data can be utilized to help water utilities to balance the issues of planning, water leakage, pressure management and energy management. It covers three key areas, namely: pressure and energy management, information management and decision support tools.

“Despite considerable country wide investment and modernization, leakage still continues to lose the UK’s water utilities around 3,600 megalitres of water estimated every day,” says Tim Door. “For every litre of water lost in a water network, another litre of water has to be treated and pumped through the distribution network to compensate, increasing the cost of production and reducing the available water supply.

“Our aim is to give water operators the data they need to make intelligent decisions on eliminating leaks wherever possible,” says Tim. “The improvements this should bring will help them to better address the ever rising cost of delivering product to its end users in a safe, high quality, efficient and economic manner.”

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    Flow portfolio on display at Global Leakage Summit
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