Functional safety design tool simplifies safety design and verification for machines

2014-05-19 - ABB’s functional safety design tool increases engineering productivity during the functional safety design process. The tool simplifies performing risk evaluation for assessments, establishing safety integrity level (SIL) / performance level (PL) for safety functions, designing safety function architecture, verifying achieved SIL / PL and generating design reports.

ABB’s functional safety design tool (FSDT-01) is used for designing, verifying and documenting machine safety functions according to requirements in the EN/IEC 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1 standards. The tool comes with an easy-to-use user interface that is developed to help the user determine the required SIL or PL, define and verify, as well as document the safety function details. The tool also helps the user make sure that the required SIL or PL for the safety functions used is achieved with the selected safety devices and architecture design.

Supports various libraries of safety devices
The FSDT-01 supports safety device libraries that are used for designing the safety functions. The libraries are created in the universal library format developed by the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). Existing device libraries include ABB drives, PLC’s, emergency stop devices, safety switches, etc. These libraries are accessible via The FSDT-01 also allows the creation of the user’s own device libraries.

Four steps to achieve required safety functionality for a machine
The functional safety design tool guides the user through four necessary steps. The first step focuses on defining the project properties according to the related machine safety standard (EN/IEC 62061 or EN ISO 13849-1). During the second step the user defines the needed safety function and a target SIL or PL for each safety function. The target SIL or PL definition can be carried out either manually or through an estimation process that documents the risk assessment results. During the third step the user creates the safety function by selecting safety devices from the libraries in FSDT-01. The design process is made easy using the drag-and-drop functionality built-in the FSDT-01. The safety devices are also displayed with images to make device identification easier. It is possible to create an own safety devices/libraries with the FSDT-01. The tool also informs if any necessary information is missing or if the given calculation data is in conflict with other given data. During the fourth and final step the user can select the content to include into the report produced in PDF format. The safety project can after this be saved for future needs.

Design a complete safety function using a wide range of ABB safety devices
ABB offers a wide range of safety devices/libraries and solutions with safety functionality. These include several low voltage AC drive series with safety functionality integrated either as a standard or an optional feature. ABB Jokab Safety offers a wide range of safety devices from emergency stops to safety PLC’s. ABB’s safety PLC (AC500-S) can control several drives simultaneously, enhancing safety monitoring and control. A wide selection of contactors is also available from ABB. All of ABB’s safety devices can be imported as libraries to the Functional safety design tool. Alternatively, the user can build their libraries in the tool and import or export them. This makes safety design and verification easier and reliable in a consistent way.

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