Green transformer solutions for a better world

2011-03-10 - ABB's global business unit transformers invests significantly in R&D to improve efficiency and lower environmental impact, thereby setting industry benchmarks and leading the sector. The launch of the green transformer program will enable ABB to introduce environmentally-friendly solutions and to increase energy efficiency.

ABB transformer technology epitomizes reliability, flexibility, high performance and efficiency. The recently introduced ‘green transformer’ program has been conceived with a vision of developing sustainable energy solutions. It is driven by the ‘3 E’s - efficiency, environment and economy, seeking to reduce energy losses, improve energy efficiency, minimize environmental impact and increase overload-ability.

“As part of our responsibility as a market leader, we invest significantly in R&D. We have introduced several products and solutions to enhance grid reliability, improve performance, maximize efficiency and lower environmental impact”, said Markus Heimbach, Head of Business Unit Transformers.

For instance, ABB has launched BIOTEMP® transformers that use a proprietary biodegradable and high temperature insulation fluid, and a range of amorphous core transformers that reduce CO2 emissions.

To learn more about ABB's green transformer program, please see links to our brochures in the right column or contact your local ABB representative.

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