Pushing for a digitalized water management network at the Water Challenge Forum 2017


ABB partnered with the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines to address growing concerns on water quality and reliability in the country

Held on 14 June 2017, the Water Challenge Forum 2017 gathered over 150 water stakeholders from the public and private sectors to discuss current issues faced by the local water industry, and how these can be addressed through technology and good governance.

Wiljean Larano, Vice President and Head of the Industry segment of ABB in the Philippines, delivered the opening remarks during the event. He underscored ABB’s commitment to address the looming water crisis in the Philippines by providing water networks with intelligent solutions that ensure every drop of water serves a purpose. “The first step in addressing the country’s water challenge is to pay closer attention to areas within the complete water cycle, and assess how we can optimize its processes, so that water is conserved and duly allocated,” he said.

Wiljean Larano, Vice President and Head of Industry segment of ABB in the Philippines, delivering the opening remarks at the Water Challenge Forum 2017.

ABB delivered two technical sessions during the event: “Solutions for Water Plants and Networks”, presented by Shah Indra, Account Manager for Electrification Products, ABB Singapore, highlighting ABB’s integrated automation solutions package that optimizes plant efficiency; and “Water Quality and the innovations that will keep the water industry moving forward” by Wes Browne, ABB Product Sales Manager for Analytical Measurement, which touched on water integrity issues and how these can be managed through proper instrumentation.

Also on display were ABB’s variable frequency drives and its range of automation and measurement products, to show the broad scope of ABB’s expertise in the water industry.

Part of ABB’s working committee for the Water Challenge Forum 2017

For a country like the Philippines, whose agricultural sector is a major contributor to the country’s economy, and where eight million people rely on unsafe water sources, having a sustainable digitalized water management plan is crucial to ensure consistent access to potable water. End-to-end intelligent solutions, such as those from ABB, can provide plant managers with real-time data insights that will help water facilities cut back on resource losses, improve service provision, and ultimately improve water integrity.

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