Transforming Asia’s largest oil and gas company

ABB is nearing completion of one of the largest oil and gas automation projects ever – an enterprise-wide supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) that will monitor and manage the vast onshore and offshore assets of Asia’s largest oil and gas company, ONGC.

By ABB Communications

The landmark automation project is thought to be the biggest and most complex SCADA system ever undertaken in the oil and gas industry and stands as the single largest automation and instrumentation project in India.

When completed in early 2009 the solution will monitor, control and provide real-time data concerning ONGC's onshore and offshore production and processing facilities in India and the Arabian Sea. In all, it will incorporate 247 onshore production facilities, 11 offshore processing complexes, 157 offshore wellhead platforms, 74 drilling rigs, some 7,000 wells and 250 centers for local, regional and mobile control.

“The solution enables us to collect information from all our various locations and installations so that we know what is happening moment by moment anywhere in our business, just by logging into a laptop.”

- N.K. Barat, ONGC, leader of the SCADA installation project

Based on SCADAvantage™, ABB’s market-leading SCADA system for the oil and gas industry, the three-tier solution is designed to provide field personnel, control room operators and senior management with immediate information on the performance of production assets dispersed over usually large geographic areas.

Tier 1 enables field operatives to monitor and analyze the performance of production and processing equipment and facilities.

Tier 2 monitors, controls and manages each asset from its assigned control center.

Tier 3 provides ONGC headquarters with key data to enable rapid decision-making based on accurate information from the field.

The solution is seamlessly integrated with ONGC’s two existing business information systems – Exploration and Production Information Network (tier 2) and Enterprise Resource Planning system (tier 3), which is one of the largest ERP installations in the world.

ABB is the world’s leading supplier of process automation solutions and services for the oil and gas industry and has delivered more than 400 SCADA installations worldwide.

*Watch a video on the ONGC solution (10.5 MB)

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    An ABB SCADA system for oil and gas will provide ONGC field personnel, control room operators and senior management with an instant picture in one room of the the company's complete production assets throughout India. (Above, ONGC technicians drill to water depths of more than 3,000 meters.)

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