Stadtwerke Leipzig GmbH – Control Room for the CCPP

2009-05-12 - Migration of the overall operation and monitoring system to the integrated control system of the future - System 800xA for Power Generation.

The gas and steam turbine power station (CCPP), which started production in 1995, has two gas turbines (63 MW each) two waste-heat boilers and a steam turbine (46 MW). It can feed up to 200 MW into the Leipzig district heating network. Two additional peak load boilers each have a capacity of 120t/h. If required, 80 MW can be fed into the Stadtwerke Leipzig district heating network via a heat transfer station. The plant is operated as a mid-load plant; it is the largest generation plant of the Stadtwerke Leipzig public utility. The control room is the control center for the CCPP and the peak load boilers.

Replacement of the operation and monitoring level
A planned shut-down in August 2008 was reserved, among others, for the replacement of the operating and monitoring level with the modern ABB System 800xA . The automation system Contronic E was coupled via seven L-Bus lines, which is the Contronic E control bus for the transfer of all the signals from and to the controllers (CMX40) and the gateway modules (CCO20) to the System 800xA. On the one hand, this extended the lifetime of the entire plant without changes to the automation systems, and on the other hand it prepared the way for the mid-term replacement of the control level.

A down-time of 15 days was available for the commissioning of about 5000 signals, 160 graphic displays and numerous standard applications for the visualization of the complete power plant.

Faster operational decisions

The control room equipment was replaced with four work places, a configuration place for the System 800xA and a PGIM Client (Power Generation Information Manager). Networking via the local area network, which is the local network of the Leipzig Public Utility, provides direct access to information from many work stations and supports fast decisions for the operation and analysis of faults. The operator clients have been upgraded for the direct utilization of the PGIM shift log. This was already introduced in 2007 for the cross brace control room, the Bischofferode biomass power station and the CCPP of the Leipzig Public Utility. This application will also be used in the Piesteritz biomass combined-cycle power station, which is currently being commissioned.
ABB completed the replacement of the operating and monitoring level on time and to high quality standards by the end of the planned station down-time. The power station could be restarted immediately for commercial operation with all the effective concept improvements.

ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 120,000 people.

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