Inauguration event of ABB technologies at the Troll A platform in Norway

An event inaugurating ABB’s groundbreaking technologies that for the first time deliver DC power from shore to an offshore gas platform has attracted about 60 customers from the transmission and distribution and oil and gas sectors.

In the resource area on the right hand side there is a link to all the presentations of the customer event. The main frame of this page offers stories about the technologies and their value to the Troll A platform.
The Troll A gas platform in the North Sea has just become the first offshore platform in the world to be powered by a direct current (DC) electricity link originating on land – an achievement with considerable cost and environmental benefits made possible by ABB technologies.<br>Photo: Bitmap/Dag Myrestrand.ABB inaugurates a groundbreaking technology achievement in the North Sea
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HVDC Light is a unique and proven power transmission system, specially designed to transmit power underground and underwater. The core components of ABB's HVDC Light system are valves consisting of millions of high-power semiconductors. The valves are shielded and suspended from the ceiling of an extremely compact converter module. The semiconductor design is nearly 100 percent reliable over 10 million operating hours. <br>Photo: ABB/Halvor Molland.HVDC Light - a reliable power performer
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The Troll A gas platform is the first offshore platform in the world to be powered by a direct current (DC) electricity link originating on land. On the platform ABB has deployed two key technologies - HVDC Light and a Very High Voltage Motor - as well as other solutions to help power the two 40-megawatt compressor units on the Troll A platform without any local power generation. This adds up to major emission savings and lower costs. <br>ABB technology delivers clean, reliable offshore power
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Shoreham is one of two convereters of the Cross Sound Cable Interconnector, between Long Island and Connecticut.Other ABB HVDC Light (High Voltage Direct Current) systems in operation
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In ABB's new VHV Motor, cables insulated with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) replace the square, epoxy-insulated conductors used in conventional electric motors. The cooling ducts shown in this cross-section are also made of XLPE. Most of the materials in the VHV Motor can be easily recycled. Making oil and gas our business at ABB
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