ABB power consultants help customers navigate power sector regulations

2014-12-16 - As the global power industry continues to evolve in the 21st century, it is more important than ever to have a thorough understanding of the regulatory landscape, and a strategy for dealing with it. For power sector companies lacking the in-house expertise, tools or detailed models needed to address regulatory changes, the result can be heavy penalties, or missed opportunities.

For example, in the United States new and recently updated federal regulations such as FERC Order 1000, NERC CIP Compliance and the EPA’s new carbon-emission mandates present challenges and opportunities for electric utilities, system operators, developers and large industrial manufacturers.

In today's complex, deregulated power markets, ABB’s Power Consulting unit can help. ABB power consultants are key components of ABB’s services and solutions portfolio, providing advanced technical expertise to electrical utilities, system operators, independent power producers, and industrial electric users worldwide.

Independent experts

This independent team of experts within ABB’s Power Systems division provides new approaches and solutions in areas like transmission systems, HVDC, FACTS, system controls, energy efficiency, power market analysis, asset evaluation, industrial systems, system and equipment design and selection, integrated T&D planning, renewable integration, power quality, NERC compliance and education.

ABB power consultants have many decades of experience in the global electrical power industry, working from offices in Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Spain, Kazakhstan, and the USA.

“ABB Power Consulting is expanding its capabilities to help customers effectively respond to the increasing number of regulatory challenges in the power industry,” said Kevin McAllister, head of ABB’s power consulting business. “Our team is uniquely positioned with proficiencies in both technical and economic studies, deep systems experience and application knowledge, and as part of a leading power OEM can provide a suite of resources, models and tools."

Finding the best solutions

ABB Power Consulting operates independently of ABB product groups, enabling customers to find the very best recommendations and solutions for their particular enterprises. ABB’s broad product and services portfolio actually enhances this independence by eliminating the specific consideration for any particular ABB offering.

“We are committed to customer success,” McAllister added, “and we support and empower our customers’ planners, operators and engineers by acting as an extension of their existing teams. Regulations can be challenging, but they can also be turned into opportunities by identifying the optimal technical/economic solutions. We support our clients consistently either through proper third-party verification of critical infrastructure identification, system restoration/compliance through optimal blackstart capabilities, or reactive power compensation due to retiring generation.”

Decades of global experience and state-of-the art technology enables ABB’s internationally recognized team of consultants to help customers optimize the performance of their electrical systems.

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