New instrumentation and control technology for the Dutch power plant Hemweg 7

2004-07-14 - The Dutch power utility NUON Power Generation B.V. has placed an order with ABB for a complete instrumentation and control upgrade at its Hemweg 7 power plant unit. The order is worth about six million euros, and covers not only replacement of the existing instrumentation and control systems but also modifications to the turbine protection systems and extensive measures for upgrading the plant’s performance.

The Hemweg facility is located near the petroleum harbour of the Dutch metropolis Amsterdam. Hemweg 7 is a gas/oil-fired combined-cycle unit with a total output of 600 megawatts. Right next to it on the same site is the coal-fired Hemweg 8 plant. The two of them, plus the Purmerend combined-cycle facility, together constitute Nuon Power Generation’s "Cluster Amsterdam" organisational unit.

In conjunction with Alstom Power Service GmbH, Mannheim, ABB will not only be placing the existing instrumentation and control system, but will also be modernizing the hydraulic and electronic protection and automation systems of the main turbine and the feed pump drive turbine.

ABB is supplying the Procontrol P power plant control system with unit automation, turbine governor, turbine protection and boiler protection systems, including the engineering and commissioning work. The existing automation features of the unit’s GT 13 E topping gas turbine, based on Procontrol P, will be integrated into the unit’s overall I&C system.

The selection for Procontrol P was driven by the fact, that already the 630 MW Hemweg 8 plant, commissioned 1995 was equipped and successfully in operation since then with this control system.

In terms of the field devices, approximately 50 manually operated valves will be automated, and numerous pneumatic instrumentation and control devices replaced by state-of-the-art sensors and actuators, and integrated into the Procontrol P control system.

Nuon is a leading, independent, international group active in the generation, marketing, sale and distribution of electricity, gas and heat, as well as related products and services, on behalf of millions of customers. In the Netherlands Nuon has a market share of 35% in electricity, 30% in gas, 36% in heat and 26% in renewable energy. Measured by numbers of customers, Nuon is market leader in the Netherlands. In addition, Nuon is concentrating on its core markets in Belgium and Germany.

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    ABB to supply extensive instrumentation and control technology for the Hemweg 7 power plant in Holland

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