ABB Ability™ System 800xA single channel I/O for a fast and cost-saving project execution

2017-03-14 - ABB’s new Select I/O and the possibility of digital marshalling will fundamentally change how automation projects will be executed – the future of project execution.

  • Parallel execution of hardware and software engineering taking automation off the critical path
  • Standardization allowing installation of cabinets in advance of the electronics
  • Flexibility and ability to easily add I/O or controllers to the Ethernet network at any time
  • Further extension to the ABB AbilityTM portfolio of digital control systems

ABB has launched a new addition to its automation platform ABB AbilityTM System 800xA; a redundant Ethernet based single channel I/O system called Select I/O. Select I/O supports ABB’s next generation project execution model called Intelligent Projects that provides efficiency improvement for automation projects, as well as faster start-ups while decreasing complexity, project delays and cost overruns.

“The cornerstones of ABB’s Intelligent Projects execution model are efficient cloud engineering, digital marshalling, standardization and automated data management,” says ABB’s Dan Overly Head of Product Management – Oil, Gas and Chemicals. “With the release of Select I/O, all of the data points that make up a project, whether hardwired to the control system or part of an integrated electrical substation, are now able to be digitally marshalled into the System 800xA architecture. Thus making it possible to execute projects more efficiently by decoupling tasks and becoming more resilient to late changes; delivering projects faster and more cost effectively.”

Select I/O allows users to install standardized cabinets with the bases for field wiring early during a project, then select the type of I/O much later. It digitally marshals signals instead of using space and labor intensive marshalling panels and allows loop checks to be done before the rest of the system is delivered. This minimizes the impact of late changes and allows for project tasks to be done in parallel, which reduces project schedules.

The Select I/O solution’s network is connected via an Ethernet Fieldbus Communication Interface (FCI) with embedded redundant switches and uses individual Signal Conditioning Modules (SCMs) for process and safety I/O. In addition to being field ready with temperature ratings of -40 to 70 degrees Celsius and having galvanic isolation per channel, each SCM is current limited and has a unique ‘field disconnect’ mode for added protection and flexibility. Line monitoring DIs, SOE and high current options are also available to reduce the need for ancillary third party equipment which aids in I/O cabinet standardization.

The redundant Ethernet FCI of Select I/O makes this solution even more flexible and useful for all projects. In addition to being used for Select I/O, the FCI can accept System 800xAs’ multi-channel S800 I/O allowing the user to select the I/O solution that best fits the application.

“With this extension of the ABB AbilityTM System 800xA offering our customers get many new cost saving opportunities for their automation projects. The flexibility that Select I/O brings with it will certainly change the way of executing projects.” says Ilpo Ruohonen, BU Managing Director Control Technologies.

ABB AbilityTM System 800xA and its extended automation concept has over 10,000 installations world-wide, in practically every industry, automating processes, controlling and monitoring electrical equipment, and reducing risk through high integrity safety systems. Now, through its integration capabilities and flexible I/O solutions, it’s taking the drama out of automation projects and removing them from the critical path.

About ABB
ABB is a pioneering technology leader in electrification products, robotics and motion, industrial automation and power grids, serving customers in utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure globally. Continuing more than a 125-year history of innovation, ABB today is writing the future of industrial digitalization and driving the Energy and Fourth Industrial Revolutions. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 132,000 employees.

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