New ABB low voltage products wallchart makes circuit breaker selection simple

2006-03-14 - ABB low voltage products has introduced three new wallcharts to help take the confusion out of circuit breaker selection

. Containing comprehensive information including selection tables and calculations, the charts explain how to correctly size and select circuit breakers for transformer, generator and power factor correction applications.

Each chart includes detailed unit measurement tables to help match exact current, short circuit and overload current data to the appropriate circuit breaker.

The Power factor correction and Circuit Breaker Selection wallchart explains how to select circuit breakers for capacitor bank switching and protection applications. By using the wallchart as a guide, users can match load requirements against the data provided for ABB’s TMAX, ISOMAX and EMAX circuit breakers to help them pick the best device for their application.

The second wallchart, Circuit Breaker Selection for protection and switching of 400v Transformers, explains how to select the appropriate type of circuit breaker for protection on the LV side of an MV/LV transformer. Users can match their requirements against the wallchart’s at-a-glance selection table, which shows the main circuit breaker options available from ABB. Also included is advice for consideration of other factors that can affect selection including selectivity and back-up protection.

The third of the wallcharts, Circuit breaker selection for Generator protection, covers the selection of circuit breakers for generator protection and switching applications.
The need to guarantee an ever greater continuity of service has led to an increase in the use of emergency supply generators to either replace or supplement the public utility supply network.

The wallchart illustrates the main miniature circuit breaker (MCB), moulded case circuit breaker (MCCB) and air circuit breaker (ACB) options available for generator protection applications up to 690V.

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