ABB introduces unique family of DIN rail mounting devices

2010-02-17 - Save space with 9mm wide DIN switches, pushbuttons and indicator lights.

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has released a new range of innovative DIN rail mounting switches, pushbuttons and indicator lights based on a compact 9mm width. The mounting devices can be used in a wide variety of applications and the compact nature of the new E210 design saves valuable space in distribution boards and control panels, but still offers the convenience of DIN rail mounting and full functionality.

The unique E210 family of DIN rail mounting devices complements the already extensive range of modular DIN rail components (MDRC) available from ABB. Utilising MDRC devices such as On-Off switches, pushbuttons and indicator lights makes it possible to switch and control electrical loads from a central location.

Switches are available in 16A, 25A and 32A in formats including On-Off, changeover and three position (centre off). Pushbuttons are rated 16A and offer six different button colours.

The new indicator light range includes long life colour fast light-emitting diode’s (LED’s) in a variety of popular colours. The LED’s cover wide voltage ranges making product selection easy. LED’s are also used in the illuminated pushbuttons and where control switches are required with indication.

The new E210 range of switches, pushbuttons and indicator lights can be used in a wide variety of uses in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. From simple phase indication to control of complex control circuits the wide range of products from the E210 family offers reliable human interface to the controls of electrical loads in half the space previously required.

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