ABB motors save Michelin energy and emissions

2011-08-08 - Michelin, one of the world’s two largest tire manufacturers, is reducing energy consumption at one of its factories in Europe by almost 400,000 kilowatt-hours a year by installing ABB high efficiency motors. The payback time for each of the 436 motors is estimated at just 1.4 years.

By ABB Communications

Michelin’s motor efficiency and cost reduction program is achieving some remarkable results at its auto and tractor tire factory at Valladolid in northern Spain, one of 72 production facilities that the company operates worldwide.

ABB recently conducted one of its acclaimed energy efficiency audits at the factory, in which an ABB audit team measured the performance of the motors and other key parts of the process to identify the biggest potential for energy savings and reduced emissions.

An ABB energy audit at a Michelin tire factory found 436 low voltage motors had a low efficiency rate and were consuming unnecessarily large amounts of electrical energy.

The audit at Valladolid showed that the 436 low voltage motors in the factory had a low efficiency rate of 76.9 percent and, as a result, were consuming unnecessarily large amounts of electrical energy.

ABB is the world’s leading manufacturer of motors and generators and variable speed drives.

The audit further revealed that by replacing these low efficiency motors – many of which were more than 20 years old - with ABB IE2 high efficiency motors, a significant increase in output to 84.2 percent would be achieved.

Each of the motors operates for 5,880 hours a year at 90 percent load and 100 percent of the time. The annual power consumption of each low efficiency motor was 10,322 kilowatt-hours (kWh), compared to 9,428 kWh for an ABB high efficiency motor.

The resultant energy saving is 895 kWh per motor. This adds up to 390,220 kWh for the entire installed base of 436 motors that ABB is currently replacing. With savings of this magnitude, the payback time for each motor is calculated by ABB at just 1.4 years.

The benefits do not stop there. Lower energy consumption translates into an estimated reduction in carbon dioxide emissions for the factory of 213 metric tons of CO2 equivalent a year.

ABB offers a comprehensive range of energy-efficient motors that comply with the new international efficiency IE2, IE3 and IE4 standards for low voltage motors. ABB has long advocated the need for efficiency in motors, and high efficiency products have formed the core of its portfolio for many years.

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