GT4 in Hagen-Kabel with new control system

ABB, as part of a consortium with Alstom Power AG, won an order worth 1.47 million euros to modernize the control systems of Gas Turbine 4 in the Hagen-Kabel cogeneration plant from Mark-E AG.

The Hagen-Kabel cogeneration plant, rated at 215 MW of electrical output, has since 1981 been supplying electricity and process heat to an adjoining company of the paper industry.

Besides mechanical conversion of the GT4, to reduce emissions and increase the output from 70 MW to 96 MW (replacement of the EV combustion chamber and the gas control block, modification for dual fuel firing) by ALSTOM Power Service GmbH, ABB is replacing the entire gas turbine control system. The EGATROL gas turbine control is based on the field proven Procontrol P plant automation system. For operator control and monitoring, the GT4 will be integrated into the existing POS 30 process operator stations. This solution provides the customer with the great advantages of an integral control system for plant and turbine, namely harmonized operator interface, without engineering and diagnostic, simpler maintenance and stockkeeping of space. The conversion work will be carried out during the plant standstill period from 8 August to 23 September 2005.

The core of the combined gas and steam-turbine power plant consists of two 75 MW gas turbines with downstream waste-heat boilers, plus a 70 MW steam turbine. Combined-heat-and-power generation means that overall fuel utilisation reaches up to 75 %. Short plant start-up times ensure low start-up and shutdown losses.

BBC received the order for the plant in 1974; it was one of the first projects to feature a complete hard-wired BBC control technology from Decontic k/Decontrol k throughout. Since then the plant has been continuously modernized and upgraded by ABB: Back in 2000, ABB had replaced the GT5’s static start-up device with integration into the Procontrol control system. In 1999, ABB replaced the alarm system by POS30 and the water injection control system by Procontrol P. In 1995, the combustion chambers of the gas turbines were fitted with a water injection feature for reducing the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas.

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    Cogeneration Plant Hagen-Kabel
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