Lifetime extension of a Static Var Compensator at Outokumpu Avesta Works steel plant

2015-09-21 - Static Var Compensator (SVC) upgrade to increase reliability and availability of major steel plant in Sweden.

25 years after its installation, the SVC in Outokumpu Avesta Works needed an upgrade. The 40 MVA SVC compensates the loads from the Hot rolling mill and Ladle furnace used for special grade stainless steel production. The SVC serves the purpose of stabilizing the bus voltage at a high value during the melting phase, thereby achieving a number of important benefits for the user. Reliability, availability and replacing obsolete components are a couple of the advantages. This upgrade modernizes the SVC, extends the lifecycle and supports the future strategy for Outokumpu Avesta Works.

Steel production is extremely energy consuming. Sophisticated systems such as SVCs can enable improvements in energy efficiency constituting a significant part of the cost of steel production.

The upgrade constitutes the replacement of: Control system to state of the art MACH system, Thyristor valves, Cooling system and Reactors. The site-works include dismantling, installation and commissioning. The upgrade time schedule spans over 11 months. Should any problems occur after the commissioning, FACTS Care Remote Service will be able to operate from distance, enabling support immediately.

“Accompanying our customers throughout the lifecycle of our installations is extremely important to us.” said Thomas Björk, Manager Customer Service at ABB FACTS, "We know the impact of a steel plant out of service is significant to our customers. We strive to be there for our customers around the world to minimize the impact through shorter outages and optimized services",

SVCs are part of ABB’s family of FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems). These are technologies that enhance the capacity and flexibility of power transmission and distribution and contribute to the evolution of smarter grids.

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