What can ABB transformers do for the oil and the gas industry?

2014-06-16 - ABB has more than 50 years experience in the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry. We have an integrated product offering to help customers reduce costs and extend life cycle in a sector that saw annual global capital expenditure (CAPEX) pass the trillion dollar mark in 2012 for the first time, according to the 2013 Oil & Gas Capital Expenditure Outlook, a market research report by Global Information, Inc.

ABB Transformers have a long history of critical services in oil & gas sector. The recent technological advances will continue to assist in pushing the boundaries of exploration and production. At the same time, ABB Transformers has demonstrated highest reliability track record in an industry that is well regarded for safety.

Our large subsea transformer fleet backed by a 14 years plus operational performances has saved our customers millions in project delivery cost. These units nest up to 3,000 meters deep ocean sea bed. Subsea transformer applications in areas of power from shore, production platform weight reduction, and close in power boost will continue to play a larger role in future offshore production design and enhanced oil recovery.

On a separate front, ABB dry-type RESIBLOC transformers have been installed and performed marvelously in hazardous and hardest climate possible. Average operating temperature of below -40 C under a marine condition is a norm.

Our large footprint of dry-type units have also served well in various environmentally sensitive sites.

ABB has more than 7,500 dedicated oil and gas employees in 40 countries, and we have successfully delivered more than 1,000 completed oil, gas and petrochemical projects worldwide.

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