ABB’s WaterMaster – now available with on-board verification

2010-06-15 - Flowmeter boasts the world’s first easily accessible on-board in-situ verification capability.

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group announces that their electromagnetic WaterMaster flowmeter designed specifically for the water, wastewater and effluent sewage markets now has an in-situ flowmeter verification capability. Built into the flowmeter the VeriMaster system has the ability to perform in-situ verification across the full range.

“ABB’s WaterMaster flowmeters deliver speed, simplicity and ease of use at every stage of the process,” said Daryl Pullar, ABB Australia’s national water industry manager. “With the addition of VeriMaster software tool, the bar has been raised to the next level for all water, waste water and effluent applications. Our field service teams are fully trained and offer end users a comprehensive verification service utilising the VeriMaster and CalMaster2 suite of verification tools.”

ABB’s VeriMaster system is based on over twelve years of verification experience within the water industry and takes advantage of WaterMaster’s innovative and versatile attributes. Verification diagnostics monitor and validate across an impressive performance-wide matrix, whilst the latest precision flow measurement techniques are employed in the sensor with a revolutionary octagonal bore at core sizes.

By using the simultaneous and parallel operation of the HART protocol, remote HMI and cyclic data output are all achieved with zero measurement loss during data capture. Proven in the toughest applications, WaterMaster’s rugged and robust sensors provide a long, productive and maintenance free asset life. The addition of the VeriMaster software tool enables a printed verification certificate to be produced for regulatory compliance.

Part of ABB’s FlowMaster range of meters, WaterMaster is packed with features and functionality that bring superior measurement capabilities and enable users to operate more efficiently, reduce costs and increase profitably. WaterMaster is available in meter sizes: 40 - 2200mm.

'Fit and Flow' data storage inside WaterMaster eliminates the need to match sensor and transmitter in the field. On initial installation the self-configuration sequence automatically replicates into the transmitter all calibration factors, meter size, serial numbers and customer site-specific settings.

WaterMaster is proven to be robust and reliable, with unmatched diagnostic capabilities providing the right information to keep the process up and running. Alarms and warnings are classified in accordance with NAMUR NE107. The meter is also verified to OIML R49 type 'P' requirements to ensure the highest accuracy and long term performance of the system by continuous self checking the sensor and transmitter in the field.

WaterMaster gained one of ABB’s first MCERTS flow product approval certificates and has been adopted by several EPR operators and water companies for EA Consented applications. The introduction of the VeriMaster Software tool strengthens the ability to electronically verify flow meters and actively demonstrate a good metering maintenance regime.

ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 117,000 people.

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    Watermaster Flowmeter
    ABB's new electromagnetic WaterMaster flowmeter, designed specifically for the water, wastewater and effluent sewage markets, now has an in-situ flowmeter verification capability.
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