New inverter modules for optimum performance

ABB expands ACS6000 product family

ABB’s ACS6000 variable speed drive (VSD) is now available with four sizes of inverter modules (3, 5, 7 and 9 MVA). By combining the modules, the optimum configuration for a specific application can be reached resulting in lower investment costs and a smaller footprint.

The ACS6000 with its modular concept is the perfect answer for the requirements of the metal industry. It is designed for faster, more accurate control of the most demanding industrial drive applications, such as rolling mills.

Metals applications are characterized by quickly changing loads, rapid alternation between driving and braking actions, constant power in a wide speed range and fast changes in the torque. The ACS6000 is a modular product platform for megawatt class medium voltage AC drives.

To date, the ACS6000 drive has been available in two base modules of 7 and 9 MVA. ABB has now introduced inverter modules for 3 and 5 MVA applications. With four sizes of inverter modules available, the optimum configuration for a specific application can be reached by combining the modules with minimum engineering effort. By linking modules in parallel, the power can be increased to 27 MVA.

A multidrive, common DC-bus converter principle offers a solution with optimum efficiency. This configuration allows motoring and generating mode motor power flow between the inverters through the DC link. Now, thanks to the additional 3 and 5 MVA size inverters, the optimum solution can be found for applications installed in the metals industry, e.g. pay-off reels integrated to main drives line-up or coiler to stand drive line-up.

The ACS6000 product family incorporates the following technologies developed by ABB:

  • DTC (Direct Torque Control).
  • IGCT (Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor) semiconductor power switching devices.

The motor control platform is based on ABB’s award-winning Direct Torque Control (DTC). It allows a response time that’s up to ten times faster than conventional control methods using flux vector or pulse width modulation (PWM). The fast control provided by DTC allows optimum process control and exact motor performance with minimum torque ripple. The result is constant production quality, minimum raw material waste and minimum machinery wear.

The IGCT (Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor) semiconductor power switching device provides an intrinsically less complex, more efficient and reliable converter. IGCTs combine high-speed switching such as IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) with high blocking voltage and low conduction losses such as GTOs (Gate Turn-Off Thyristors).

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