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2009-02-27 - ABB is supplying complete power and automation solutions for lift irrigation projects in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The solutions will provide local farmers with much-needed water to increase agricultural productivity and raise family incomes.

By ABB Communications

ABB is currently involved in several major lift irrigation schemes in India's fourth largest state, Andhra Pradesh, that together will irrigate almost 800,000 acres of farmland and help farmers increase crop yields and improve revenues.

With almost half its farmland dependent on irrigation during the dry season, Andhra Pradesh on India's southeastern coast is solving the challenge of seasonal drought by harnessing sustainable volumes of water from the three major rivers that flow between its borders.

Known as the “rice bowl of India,” Andhra Pradesh is one of India’s most agriculturally productive regions; main crops include rice, sugarcane, cotton, pepper, mango, tobacco, sunflower and peanuts.
The most efficient technique is lift irrigation, in which water is pumped from a low-lying river to a reservoir on higher ground and from there is released and flows by gravity into a network of canals or channels to irrigate the surrounding fields.

ABB’s ability to supply complete, high-quality power and automation solutions has made it a partner of choice for engineering and construction companies building lift irrigation projects in India’s fourth largest state.

Complete electro-mechanical solutions
Working in partnership with leading pump manufacturer Andritz, ABB’s scope of supply on these projects includes pumps and associated mechanical equipment, large motors and variable speed megadrives to power and soft-start the pumps efficiently, and all the electrical and automation equipment needed power and run the irrigation site, including substations and supervisory control and data acquisition systems.

Recent lift irrigation projects for which ABB has won contracts include Bhima, Kalwakurthy and Dummugudem, each of which will irrigate between 200,000 and 330,000 acres of parched land. Customers include major international contractors like Navayuga Engineering and Megha Engineering Infrastructure.

ABB is a leading provider of complete power and automation solutions for the entire water cycle – from the point of entry into the raw water treatment or desalination plant to the point of exit in a wastewater treatment facility.

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Dummugudum – Nagarjuna Sagar dam irrigation scheme is
an important irrigation project to divert flood water from the River Godavari to Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, the tallest masonry dam in the world, and irrigate surrounding districts. To satisfy increasing demand, the scheme calls for 680 cubic meters of water per second to be lifted and transported about 300 kilometers to the dam site. ABB's turnkey solution includes synchronous machines (24 and 21 megawatt) with associated excitation equipment, LCI (Load Commutated Inverter) starting equipment, motor control and relay panels, instrumentation, SCADA system and low voltage switchgears.

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    High-quality power and automation solutions from ABB will help farmers irrigate almost 800,000 acres of farmland in Andhar Pradesh, India's fourth-largest state, increasing crop yields and improving revenues. The Dummugudem lift irrigation project includes the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam (above), the tallest masonry dam in the world.

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