ABB secures more big orders in the power protection industry

2013-07-16 - ABB has supplied 20 x 900 kVA and 2 x 1500 kVA PCS100 AVCs to SK Hynix, a preeminent player in the memory chip industry. Based in Korea, SK Hynix successfully produces semiconductors that have fuelled growth of the IT industry, not only in Korea but the world over. With a total of 22 PCS100 AVCs protecting the M12 12 inch wafer fabrication line, SK Hynix’s facility can run smoothly without any power outages, reducing production loss and increasing turnover.

IT devices like smartphones and tablets become more pervasive as new imaginative and innovative IT products continue to grab imagination and “desires” of consumers. More innovative IT devices such as the smart car, keyboard and surface computers without a mouse, will enlarge the range and demand of the semiconductor. Due to this ever increasing demand, SK Hynix’s M12 production line will produce both DRAM and NAND Flash to help cope with the rapidly changing of future markets and to maintain production flexibility. Here, ABB’s PCS100 AVCs will provide reliability by operating at an efficiency rate exceeding 98 percent.

ABB and SK Hynix have a past relationship, with SK Hynix using ABB’s technology to protect their many production lines from voltage disturbances including the M11 production line. Now called the M12 production line, it is an extension of the M11 and M8 lines. With the completion of the M12 line, it can produce up to 40,000 of the 300-millimeter wafers on a monthly basis.

ABB’s PCS100 Active Voltage Conditioner (AVC) is protecting many industry applications from voltage sags and swells. To date, ABB’s PCS100 power protection portfolio (including PCS100 UPS-I) has supplied over 700 MVA to protect some of the world’s leading organizations. Covering applications from computer rooms through to large data centers and complete industrial plant protection, ABB has the voltage conditioning technology for every need. Leading industry organizations seek to utilize PCS100 AVCs technology because it is a battery free solution. This leads to less maintenance costs, along with sag and swell protection and continuous voltage regulation.

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