ABB Robotics unleashes the new multi-platform myRobot, bringing customers fast and productivity enhancing data

2014-10-08 - ABB Robotics introduces the all-new HTML5 based myRobot webpage, filled with exciting features, including excellent portability for multiple platform usage, a versatile dashboard with fast and detailed information plus powerful filtering tools. Altogether helping customers avoid unnecessary stops to ultimately secure their productivity.

The original myRobot webpage was launched together with Remote Service a few years ago as a web interface for customers with Remote Service enabled robots. Aided by SMS or e-mail notifications, customers received via the myRobot webpages instant information on robot status, program back-up status, alarm lists, event logs and condition reports. The webpage also offered customers backup download options and the ability to make backup scheduling changes. Until now, customers needed to install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin to use myRobot. This is no longer the case.

Through the release of the new HTML5 based myRobot webpage, ABB Robotics offers customers a powerful and truly versatile tool to help keep their operations running. Boasting a completely new dashboard, which provides instant general robot status, plus quick and thorough information with powerful filtering tools. Thanks to the HTML5 programming, myRobot will run on virtually any platform, including laptops, smart phones and tablets. Obviously MyRobot will also be available to registered customers with remote enabled robots on the myABB Customer Portal.

When logged in, the user is met with the dashboard, showing general robot status information. Then customers can apply a filter and select any range of robots to see more detailed robot information, such as alarms and alarm details, error logs, robot operation status and much more. In short, now customers will get much more valuable information out of myRobot to help avoid unplanned stops and keep their robots running. Customers can still rely on the ABB Robotics’ Service Intelligence Unit (SIU), responsible for monitoring of remote enabled robots and activating the local service organizations to act upon a condition change.

With this crucial step, in line with the paradigm shift of the Internet of Things with all devices interconnected, ABB Robotics provides a state-of-the-art webpage where customers get instant and productivity enhancing robot status information based on Remote Service data.

Value proposition myRobot:
  • All the information you need to help avoid unplanned stops
  • Fast and detailed information that help to determine problem root cause
  • Dashboard with general status and filtering tools for e.g. robot location, alarms, alarm details, error logs and operation status
  • Robot status monitoring and standby services by ABB Robotics
  • Latest HTML5 platform for PC and smart-devices

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