ABB Internet of Things, Services and People technologies shine at Automation World in Wuhan

Wuhan, May 18, 2016

At the 8th ABB Automation World held at Wuhan International Expo Center today, ABB displayed its comprehensive portfolio of smart products, technologies and solutions in industry, utility, transport and infrastructure. To help visitors better understand ABB technologies, a virtual reality (VR) technology experience center is set up for the first time. It allows visitors to vividly experience industrial robots’ work through wearable devices, or a safe and comfortable life with smart home solutions in the virtual world.

At the exhibition which covers over 5000 square meters, ABB innovative solutions on the Internet of Things, Service and People (IoTSP) become the biggest highlight of this event. Interconnecting things, services and people via the Internet, ABB can help customers improve data analysis, boosts productivity, enhances reliability, saves energy and costs, and generates new revenue opportunities through innovative business models.

IoTSP technologies for Industry

As an important part of smart manufacturing, industrial robots help manufacturing sector to improve productivity and ensure consistent quality. ABB exhibited 20 robot work stations to comprehensively demonstrate their various applications in material handling, palletizing, assembling, laser carving, polishing, welding, labeling, and sorting. As the world’s first truly collaborative dual-arm robot, YuMi® is specifically designed to meet the production needs of small parts assembly, , especially in the consumer electronics industry which requires and agile manufacturing, thanks to its flexible hands, universal parts feeding system, state-of-the-art precision motion control, camera-based part location in addition to the most advanced control system and software. YuMi® can operate in very close collaboration with humans, due to its inherently safe design.

Higher productivity can also be achieved by optimizing process control. ABB’s sixth-generation 800xA process automation system is an integrated platform which highly connects various systems, software and devices in enterprises and factories. It has strong potentials to provide users in different functions with a collaborative working environment fully integrating systems and applications in factories, as well as effective information for decision-making and actions. It is not only applicable to the whole family of automation products, but can integrate the full-range of automation products of other manufactures, assisting users of different sectors to comfortably and easily apply the latest control technology and constantly optimize operation.

SmiS, ABB’s locally-developed intelligent MNS switchgear for IoTSP with integration of Ethernet technology and smart sensor also made its debut at Automation World. With adoption of Internet technology, this solution can speed up its communication and data transmission by hundreds of times. The latest smart sensors make it able to conduct real-time measurement of figures and temperature, and help users to take advantage of big data analysis and preventive maintenance to ensure continuous power supply to motors and other electric devices, so as to greatly improve the productivity and reduce maintenance cost.

Improved energy efficiency and lower environment impact are also significant advantages brought by IoTSP technologies. At this year’s Automation World, ABB introduces an energy-saving model jointly with an all-compatible medium-voltage drive ACS580MV and new high voltage modular induction motor NMI, offering users in the power and water industries a high-powered and efficient motor and drive combination and one-stop service.

ABB’s smart sensors can realize remote monitoring on low-voltage motors and send operation data to cloud for analysis to timely report performance and maintenance through smart phones. This innovative solution can help reduce the downtime of motors by up to 70%, extend their lifetime by 30%, and decrease energy consumption by about 10%. If all motors around the world are equipped with ABB’s smart sensors, the energy savings would remarkably equal to the output of 100 large power plants.

ABB’s environmental-friendly design concept is also reflected in UniGear Digital, a new medium voltage switchgear developed in China. Under IEC 61850 standard, it offers advanced digital solution to create a safe, reliable and efficient power distribution network by using well-proven components, protection and control relay. The adoption of standardized current and voltage sensors lead to a reduction of footprint by 30% and spare parts by 70%, and help the substation to save energy of 10,000 kV each year.

Meanwhile, ABB’s new instrument products debuting at this Automation World include next-generation vortex precession flowmeter SwirlMaster FSS400 series, one-piece ultrasonic liquid level transmitter LST300, Coriolis flow meter series FCB400, ATS430 turbidity/TSS sensor, 266 wireless pressure transmitter and magnetostrictive transmitter LMT100. These new products feature a high precision and low power consumption, and boast an outstanding control capacity and strong self-diagnosis function with advanced sensor technology to better meet customers’ demands.

IoTSP technologies for transport and infrastructure

Electric vehicles play an important role in the sustainable urban transportation and a green low-carbon life. Terra 53 Z—ABB’s first general type of high power DC fast charger that complies with China GB standard, as well as Wall Box—general type DC fast charging Wallbox are also exhibited at the Automation World. Terra 53 Z can be widely used at public charging stations, EV fleet, and highway service stations to charge personal e-vehicles as well as some minibuses and EVs used for the logistics industry. With this high power DC fast charger compliant with GB standard, of which the rated power is up to 50kW, a 20-minutes charging could give a normal electric vehicle enough power to drive 100 km. Moreover, ABB has also worked with Microsoft to provide charging services with stability, global scalability and advanced management features to customers through cloud service platforms.

When social progress and living standards are improved, traditional home can no longer meet the demands for a more intelligent, comfortable and convenient living environment. ABB brings its latest smart home solutions and door entry systems to meet the emerging demand for a high-quality intelligent life. Notably, "i-jia” is a smart home system with wireless network technology and infrared technology. With no need of separate wiring, users can directly install intelligent switches and sockets. Through smartphone applications, users can control light, floor heating and household appliances both at home and outside. The user-friendly interface is convenient in practice, even for children. Users can increase or decrease the type and quantity of household appliances on the control panel as needed, to realize a customized intelligent life.

IoTSP: Internet of Things, Services and People

IoTSP, or Internet of Things, Services and People, is the future of manufacturing. For over a decade ABB has been working to develop and enhance process control systems, communications solutions, sensors and software for the IoTSP. These technologies enable our customers in industries, utilities and infrastructure to analyze their data more intelligently, optimize their operations, boost their productivity, and their flexibility. A productivity increase of up to 30 percent is realistic via the integrated deployment of ABB technologies in the context of the “Internet of Things, Services and People.”

ABB is a leading global technology company in power and automation that enables utility, industry, and transport & infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in roughly 100 countries and employs about 135,000 people. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R&D, manufacturing, sales and services, with 18,000 employees, 40 local companies, and an extensive sales and service network across 147 cities.

For more information on ABB, please visit:, Sina Weibo: @ABB China, Official WeChat Account: abb_in_china, Official WeChat QR Code:

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