ABB's President is appointed member of new World Commission on Dams

Zurich, Switzerland, February 16, 1998 - As announced today at a press conference in Cape Town, South Africa, Göran Lindahl, President and CEO of ABB, the international electrical engineering company, has been appointed one of eleven commissioners to serve on a new World Commission on Dams.

The establishment of this Commission comes from the recommendation of an interim working group, co-chaired by the World Bank and by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). The Commission is chaired by Professor Kader Asmal, Minister for Water Affairs and Forestry in the Government of South Africa, and brings together members representing dam operators, dam builders, governments, non-governmental organizations, environmental protection agencies, sociologists and affected peoples organizations. The aim of the Commission is to examine within a two-year period the social, environmental and economic aspects of large dams, and to produce guidelines for the role of such projects which all parties to this issue can support.
"I am very pleased to accept this important appointment," Mr. Lindahl said. "This is an excellent and promising opportunity to work with all concerned constituencies on how to foster sustainable development in this important area. The private sector needs to operate within a framework of financially sound and efficiently implemented projects. I look forward, therefore, to finding with my colleagues on the Commission, a consensus which we can all support, each within our own scope of responsibilities and obligations, and which ensures that the people most affected by these projects benefit."
The ABB Group employs 216,000 people worldwide with orders in 1996 of US$ 36 billion. (End)

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