Leichsering to retire from ABB

Zurich, Switzerland, April 8, 1998 - Volker Leichsering, 58, Senior Vice President responsible for Corporate Communications at ABB, the international electrical engineering group, will retire from ABB effective April 30, 1998, the company and Leichsering said today in a joint statement. Leichsering, who joined ABB in 1991, intends to start his own consulting firm on international communications, with ABB as one of his customers.

"Working with ABB was a challenging and rewarding professional experience," Leichsering said, "and it will be of great value for my future business. However, I intend to reduce my workload substantially and take time to do a few other things I’ve always wanted to do."
The ABB Group employs 213,000 people worldwide with orders in 1997 of about US$ 35 billion. (End)

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