ABB shareholders approve share split

Zurich, Switzerland, March 20, 2001 – Shareholders in ABB Ltd today approved a 4-to-1 share split to improve the liquidity and marketability of the company’s shares.

The share split was approved at the company’s annual general meeting of shareholders, held simultaneously in Zurich, Switzerland and Västerås, Sweden, and linked by satellite television. Shareholders also approved a buy-back of six million ABB Ltd shares, corresponding to about two percent of the company’s total share capital, for cancellation.

Shareholders approved a dividend of SFr. 3.00 per registered share, the same level as last year. The dividend is payable as of March 26, 2001.

The meeting was held in German in Zurich and translated into Swedish for shareholders in Västerås and into English for live broadcast over the Internet. A total of about 3,100 shareholders were present at both locations, representing some 48 percent of the total share capital entitled to vote.

Re-elected to the Board of Directors were Percy Barnevik, Gerhard Cromme, Jürgen Dormann, Martin Ebner, Robert Jeker, Agostino Rocca, Edwin Somm and Jacob Wallenberg. Newly elected to the Board was Jörgen Centerman, ABB’s President and CEO. The Board intends to re-elect Barnevik as Chairman and Jeker as Vice Chairman.

ABB serves manufacturing, process and consumer industries, utilities, the oil and gas sector and infrastructure markets, with 160,000 employees in more than 100 countries.


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