ABB short-circuit tests the highest voltage generator step-up power transformer

Zurich, Switzerland, June 18, 2001 – ABB has successfully short-circuit tested a single phase 500-kV generator transformer with 107,5 MVA. This was the highest voltage generator transformer ever to have undergone and passed such rigorous testing. The company considers this as part of its objective to make power technology products ever more efficient, safe and reliable to customer needs.

ABB conducted the test at CESI, an independent laboratory in Italy, according to IEC standards on behalf of the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), which had ordered 16 ABB step up transformers for the Ghazi Barotha project, a 2,000 megawatt hydroelectric power plant northwest of Islamabad. The tested generator step-up transformer was manufactured according to the global ABB design concept called TrafoStarTM. The test data confirmed that TrafoStarTM is a strong and robust transformer that meets the highest design and safety standards, supplementing standard calculations used to determine the transformer’s stress-related performance potential.

Since the 1960s ABB has met customer requests to put transformers through short circuit testing. Over time, the transformers that are tested have become larger and more sophisticated, supporting high-voltage power transmission over increasingly large power grids built to meet rising electricity demand. A large transformer damaged by a short circuit not only undermines the power network, its replacement can take several months. Robust and strong transformers therefore are central to the smooth operation of power generation, transmission and distribution systems.

In a laboratory environment, transformers are tested with much higher levels of power than when they are already connected to power networks. Laboratory test results therefore provide customers with performance data that supports their risk assessment, budgeting and planning efforts.

In general, short circuit testing produces additional product performance validation that can be referenced by utilities’ customers. This testing process also supports ABB’s continuous efforts to enhance the design and construction of its power technology equipment, which is part of its objective to anticipate and meet worldwide demand for new and improved electrical systems technologies.

ABB ( serves manufacturing, process and consumer industries, utilities, the oil and gas markets, with 160,000 employees in more than 100 countries.

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