Russia: powering an area half the size of Europe

When Tjumenenergo, Russia’s second largest utility, needs high-quality power products that can be delivered quickly, it turns to ABB. Thirty-eight dead-tank circuit breakers just made their way to Tyumen, a hardy region around 2,000 kilometers east of Moscow known as “the oil part of Russia.”

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“We have a very good relationship with ABB,” says Vlad Serejkine, head of purchasing for Tjumenenergo when contacted by phone. “Our first concern is quality – because we must guarantee the flow of power to consumers – and ABB is very reliable.”

Serejkine’s most recent success with ABB came in the form of a US$ 2 million order for 30 145 kV and eight 245 kV dead-tank circuit breakers. Total business with Tjumenenergo in 2002 is around US$ 7 million.

Fast delivery was crucial. ABB Electroengineering won the order and had to deliver within three month’s time. “Our equipment, or at least part of it, is aging and needs to be continuously upgraded,” says Serejkine.

Tjumenenergo delivers power to the huge Tyumen region which includes Russian Saudia Arabia and Siberia.

Partner for nearly a decade
ABB’s Valery Rodin says the long-term relationship with Tjumenenergo helped get things done. “We have been partners since the mid-90s so know each other’s business well.”

Upon receiving the order, Rodin’s Moscow-based team organized around-the-clock work at dead-tank circuit breaker factories in Greenburg, U.S. and Cheboksary, Russia. “One of our additional strengths is that we have local production here in Russia,” adds Rodin.

Serejkine agrees: “We are willing to pay a little more for good quality products and local service know-how. We are now discussing the coming year. I think our relationship will continue and we will have some orders for ABB.”

ABB had revenues around US$ 120 million in Russia in 2001. It has ten companies there and employs around 1,000 people.

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