ABB Group Results - First Nine Months 1997, Parent Companies' Financial Results

Parent Companies' Financial Results

ABB AB (Sweden) and ABB AG (Switzerland)

ABB AB (Sweden) and ABB AG (Switzerland) are the two sole owners in equal parts of ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd, Zurich (Switzerland), which is the holding company of the ABB Group with approximately 1,000 companies around the world. The two parent companies each provide a transparent vehicle for investing in ABB as virtually all of their income and stockholders' equity comes from their respective 50-percent shares of the ABB Group income and equity. For a full report on the development of the ABB Group, refer to the first part of this release.

ABB companies throughout the world report their income and financial position in local currencies, which are then translated to U.S. dollars to establish the ABB Group's consolidated accounts. In order to compute the income of the two parent companies, ABB AB (Sweden) and ABB AG (Switzerland), their 50-percent shares of ABB Group income are translated from U.S. dollars to Swedish Krona (SKr) and Swiss Francs (SFr), respectively.

ABB AG (Sweden) Financial Results
ABB AG(Switzerland) Financial Results

  • First Nine Months 1997
  • Consolidated Income Statement
  • Parent Companies' Financial Results

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