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2013-08-26 - ServicePort delivers top process expertise anywhere in the world faster and at lower cost to the customer.

By ABB Communications

In business, repeating a process at a consistent speed and quality is often the key to success and a regular service contract ensures maintenance of process automation optimization. ABB has refined methods for collecting and analyzing customer diagnostic information and has created software and connectivity hardware tools to make these methods simpler, repeatable and expeditious, but until recently, these processes involved ABB process experts traveling to customer sites.

Today, the ServicePort remote-enabled service delivery platform enables the collection of data at a customer’s site so that an ABB expert can access and analyze data remotely and even fix a problem while remaining offsite. This provides faster problem solving at lower cost because the travel time and expenses of process experts are eliminated.

When ServicePort was first launched, customers were cautious. Remote access to their automation systems is perceived to put their data security at risk. But, since the unique hardware is already connected to the customer process on-site and the remote interface is designed to connect only to this hardware, drawing data from it without directly connecting to the customer process poses minimal risk. In fact, customer data never leaves a customer’s site and the customer determines the access ABB process experts are given. The greater the access, the more process analysis and troubleshooting can be performed for customers at a lower cost. This means customers spend less to get more of what they want while ABB is able to deliver high-level analysis more quickly and effectively.

For customers, the main advantage of ServicePort is the delivery of fast and consistent system and process optimization from ABB experts at any time, from anywhere in the world, to sites that are located in urban centers or as remote as an oil production platform far off shore. ServicePort acts as a “cable TV box” to provide access to a variety of services that customers might never have used before. This makes it easy for customers to acquire and evaluate the delivered services. ServicePort can also collect and evaluate system and process data from competitive systems. This ability increases the range of service options for a customer, and improves ABB’s attractiveness as a service provider. The level and range of service availability and access maximizes ABB process automation life cycles, which is good for the long-term success of customers and ABB alike.

Since the launch, ABB has sold 95 service agreements built on ServicePort. Based on the fact that each service contract for ServicePort includes three weeks of service work at a customer’s site, the 95 service agreements are equal to nearly 5.5 man-years of work that ABB will deliver to its customers.

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