Total protection and control

ABB offers a complete range of products for protecting, controlling and monitoring the entire railway power system including: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Protection and control relays, Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), Power quality equipment, Low-voltage components and systems

RTU 560 – ideal for upgrade and retrofit projects

The new generation RTU560 primary remote terminal unit (RTU) has been developed by ABB to provide a flexible, modular high-performance solution that can be readily configured to suit specific customer requirements, making it ideal for upgrade and retrofit projects.
Since the RTU560 is based on an open protocol, it can readily be adapted to suit different communications protocols and interfaces as needs change. Furthermore, the RTU560 is essentially future-proof, as it has the built-in capability to operate with the global IEC 61850 standard for communication in substations.
RTU560 is growing in popularity with UK customers, thanks to its proven technical capabilities and the comprehensive local engineering support provided by ABB’s Substation Automation centre of excellence in Stone, Staffordshire.

IEC 61850 – A unifying global communication standard

Substations are key components of the power grid, facilitating the efficient transmission and distribution of electricity. They play a vital role in terms of monitoring and controlling power flows and provide the interconnection between generating facilities, transmission and distribution networks and end-users. Substation automation systems make their control and monitoring possible in real time and help maximize availability, efficiency, reliability, safety and data integration.
IEC 61850 provides a standardized framework for substation integration that specifies the communications requirements, the functional characteristics, the structure of data in devices, the naming conventions for the data, how applications interact and control the devices, and how conformity to the standard should be tested. Following its introduction, the implementation of IEC 61850 has advanced at a remarkable pace. Within two years of its release, a majority of the market was demanding IEC 61850 as the preferred communication protocol.
The bottom line is about how technology can reduce costs, improve reliability and enhance efficiency. IEC 61850 has a proven track record of deliverable benefits to both small and large utilities. Communication infrastructure costs money to install, configure and maintain. But the savings that IEC 61850 delivers by way of substation design, installation, commissioning, and operation, combined with new capabilities that are not practical or cost -effective using legacy approaches, make it a worthwhile investment.

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