ABB introduces new easy-to-use weld joint seam tracking system.

2010-06-28 - WeldGuide® III, specifically designed for ABB robots, increases productivity and quality of arc welding; whilst reducing waste and re-welding.

ABB Robotics has introduced WeldGuide® III, an adaptive sensing system that performs weld joint seam tracking during the robot arc welding process. The system identifies variations in the weld joints and dynamically corrects the robotic torch path whilst in motion. Utilizing voltage and current sensors, the system takes real-time measurements through the welding arc to make any adjustments necessary to keep the robotic welding torch on the joint path; regardless of the path programming.

A combination of hardware and software, specifically designed for ABB’s IRC5 robot controller, WeldGuide® III is half the price of the Advance Weld Controller (AWC) system (available from ABB since 1994) and is very much easier to use. WeldGuide® III requires less initial programming than traditional robotic seam tracking systems and is ideal for applications on heavy weldments.

WeldGuide® III uses adaptive, thru the arc sensing, to keep the weld torch on the joint path.
WeldGuide® III is especially effective for:
  • Heavy deposition welds where a 1 to 2 mm weave pattern must be used to fill the gap between the parts
  • Applications where the welding seam location moves from part to part, or during welding
  • Parts where multiple passes are required to complete the weld

In such heavy, high heat welds, WeldGuide® III provides more precise path accuracy and better weld integrity than would be achieved with standard welding systems. With the tracking system automatically adapting to the part, WeldGuide® III provides consistent welds, even on parts where there is considerable part variation, providing far better throughput and less re-welding.

“WeldGuide® III is a direct result of consistent input from our key heavy welding integrators and customers,” said Patric Hed, ABB Product Manager for Arc Welding. “Welding and metal fabrication are primary growth areas for robotics and ABB will continue to develop best-in-class robots, control systems and support tools to serve these markets. WeldGuide® III is so easy to use and so cost effective that it is even appropriate for the smallest welding and fabrication shops.”

Primary application areas for WeldGuide® III on ABB robotic welding systems include off-highway and agricultural equipment, transportation, defence, and other manufacturers that fabricate large, heavy metal parts requiring longer, wider welds.

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    In heavy, high heat welds, WeldGuide III provides precise path accuracy and better weld integrity than would be achieved with standard welding systems.
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