ABB's FTIR-based analytical solution helps BAPCO save millions of dollars

2009-01-24 - Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) has successfully implemented an Advanced Control Strategy called Blend Property Control (BPC) in their gasoline blending process.

The focal point of the BPC is the ABB's Process FTIR Analyzers with TOPNIR modeling technique.

ABB Process FTIR predicts 13 gasoline properties including the RON, Distillation Points, RVP, VLTP etc. within three minutes. The FTIR predictions are highly precise and follow the laboratory analysis results and are within the ASTM tolerance limits. These fast and precise predictions help the customer use the FTIR in a closed loop control.

The results from the FTIR are fed to the BPC. BPC in turn continually adjusts the blend components and does an overall optimization to achieve the following:

  • Reach the target properties without octane give away and re-blends. This saves millions of dollars for BAPCO. But for the precision & speed of FTIR – this is not feasible.
  • Does a global optimization and gives "savings beyond zero give away", by selecting the most economical route / recipe to achieve the target properties thus by giving considerable savings on the production costs.
  • Takes the gasoline grade / RON product forecast, refinery production capacities on blend components, and Tank farm availability as constraints and solves for the blend components production requirements by doing a global optimization to help the "Refinery Operations Planning requirements".
  • Conserves the high octane blend components for the high octane gasoline product requirements.
The Process Automation team representing the LBU Analytics located in Bahrain worked with BAPCO on this gasoline blending project right from the conceptual stage through bidding, engineering , project management, coordination with ABB Bomem & TOPNIR, start up services and post commissioning support.

The ABB Bomem FTPA analyzers with their long term stability and reliable hardware, the proven TOPNIR technology, support from ABB Bomem & TOPNIR systems combined with the local expertise from ABB Bahrain has resulted in a successful project.

BAPCO is one of the very few installations globally to have a Process FTNIR system working in a closed loop successfully.

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