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2015-10-05 - ÉMÁSZ Nyrt contracts ABB Kft to implement uninterruptible power supply in the production facility of HELL ENERGY in Szikszó.

HELL energy drinks - a market leader in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Azerbaijan, and available in a further 40 countries - are canned in the company’s world-class plant in Szikszó, Hungary. There, the huge automated production line produces around 300 million cans of energy drink annually.

The complex automation systems used in the beverage production process need to have an uninterrupted and stable source of electrical power. Unfortunately, supply voltage disturbances happen all too often, so ABB Hungary was called in to help to find a suitable solution. Attila Balogh, ABB’s project manager explains, “ÉMÁSZ, the electrical utility company responsible for this region, is trying to combat the disturbances, including outages, in the voltage supplied to their clients, such as HELL Energy Drink. However, the manufacturers of Hell Energy Drink need to make sure they have a clean and reliable power supply.”

ABB Hungary, with the support of the local partner MNT Kft, carried out a very detailed analysis of the the local power supply voltage conditions as well as the type of load connected. Based on the measurements, all actors involved proposed the supply of four ABB PowerWave 33 500 kW (2 x 2 x 500 kW) uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) - with a bank of batteries providing an autonomy time of 5 minutes. The customer agreed on the scope of supply and solution proposed by ABB Hungary in cooperation with the local expert partner MNT Kft, who acted as well as a consultant/designer and as battery supplier.

“Only nine weeks was allowed for the period from signing the contract to the system switch on – including battery installation, cabling, distribution boards, production and delivery of the UPSs, and connection to the main distribution board. However, thanks to the collaboration between all the parties involved – the ABB factory in Quartino, ABB Hungary and ABB’s business partner in Hungary, MNT- the job was completed before the deadline. Having worked closely with HELL for some time, we knew each other well and this helped the project a lot,” commented Attila Balogh.

The UPS procured provides suitable protection for the entire production hall in which two production lines operate simultaneously, as besides the can-specific line, there is also another similarly advanced production line designed to fill PET bottles and capable of filling 22,000 bottles an hour. ABB’s UPS protects the entire production hall and is connected to the main distribution board, after the two input supply transformers. This configuration allows production to be operated from either transformer and provides continuous operation for every load in the production hall.

It was not only the product benefits that ÉMÁSZ took into consideration when it selected ABB to be its supply partner. In close cooperation with the experts of ÉMÁSZ, HELL and MNT Kft, the experts of ABB were constructively seeking the feasible solutions for the project right from the outset. The proposed solution to be applied is very unique and only ABB was able to undertake to implement it.

“Relying on the professional contribution of benchmark quality from ÉMÁSZ, we opted for the technical solution proposed by ABB, since we needed a quick and effective solution to eliminate our issues arising from current fluctuations and outages. To this end, in 2011, HELL, the only one amongst the energy drink producers, had its own production facility built and equipped with the most modern technology available in order to ensure seamless and predictable supply for its customers and markets. Since, besides the domestic market, our production facility in Szikszó also supplies energy drinks to our dynamically developing export market, covering more than 40 countries, it is essential for us to fully utilise the production capacity of the production line, which is a key requirement when you have export of this magnitude. Our brand has been characterised by quality and reliability since the outset, and these high standards must be maintained and promoted by our production background as well. We owe special thanks to both ÉMÁSZ and ABB for their quick assistance in addressing our needs. We are entirely satisfied with the great job they have done”- said Szabolcs Béres, Director of HELL production facility.

Renzo Salmina, Regional Sales Manager located in the head office and factory in Switzerland, noted, “Often ABB carries out UPS projects with data center clients but this project in the food and beverage industry provides an excellent demonstration of the flexibility of the ABB UPS solutions and is a perfect example of synergy between the local ABB business unit, our local channel partners MNT and the ABB factory in Switzerland. You could say that this project for Hell was heavenly.”

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    Production facility of HELL ENERGY in Szikszó
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