Honduras’ largest solar power plant

2014-12-11 - ABB is supplying a turnkey power and automation solution for a 100 MW photovoltaic power plant in Honduras – the largest solar power plant in the country and one of the largest in Latin America.

ABB has won a contract from Honduran energy company, Larach Group, to supply turnkey power and automation solutions for two 50 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic power units near the city of Nacaome in southern Honduras.

The two units occupy adjacent sites and are part of the same utility-scale project. Together, they form the largest solar power plant in Honduras and one of the largest in the whole of Latin America.

At peak capacity the plant will generate enough emission-free energy to power 45,000 Honduran homes. This represents a considerable boost to the country’s power generation capacity. This will help to avoid shortages and blackouts to the country during 2015.

Integrated and containerized

ABB was selected by Larach for its ability to supply a complete and fully integrated power and automation solution comprising electrical balance of plant, plant control and remote monitoring systems, and a grid code-compliant connection to the national power grid.

The solution consists of best-in-class ABB electrical and automation solutions that are optimized for utility-scale photovoltaic power production. They are delivered in pre-assembled and factory-tested containerized modules for speedy plug-and-play installation. ABB´s modularized solutions minimize risk and secure schedules during project execution.

The electrical modules contain inverters, medium voltage switchgear and transformers - all the electrical equipment necessary to convert the direct current generated in the solar field into alternating current and feed it safely and reliably into the power grid at the required voltage.

The automation module contains the Symphony® Plus SCADA system that monitors and controls plant production and coordinates output with the requirements and grid codes of the transmission system operator. It also collects vital plant data to ensure that the plant’s performance targets are being met.

ABB is also responsible for the solution’s design, engineering, delivery and commissioning, and for providing Larach with consultancy support during the initial stages of the project.

ABB has unrivaled expertise in solar power and offers a complete package of integrated electrical and automation solutions that are leading the market trend in standardized and containerized solutions. Our portfolio extends from consultancy during the initial stages of the project to operation and maintenance of the plants, including remote monitoring and production forecasting.

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