ABB process and production intelligence software wins the Golden Amper 2018 award

Prague, Czech Republic, March 21, 2018 - ABB has won the prestigious Golden Amper 2018 award for its ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management Process and Production Intelligence application suite, which enables manufacturers to turn data from their equipment into actionable information.

ABB v České republice

ABB is a technology pioneer and the global leader in power products, robotics, drives, and industrial automation. I has presented a range of solutions and products from the ABB Ability digital offering at Amper 2018 trade fair.

ABB Ability is based on innovative solutions, deep industry expertise and more than 40 years of leadership in industrial digitalization. ABB Ability helps customers in utilities, industry, and transport and infrastructure develop new processes and advance existing ones by providing insights and optimizing planning and control for real-time operation.

“We are excited to win the prestigious Golden Amper 2018 award for our ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) application suite, which on average brings 10–20% increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and 9% reduction of unfinished production thanks to efficient planning,” said Tanja Vainio, Country Managing Director, ABB Czech Republic. “The optimization of manufacturing processes using MOM further leads to the reduction of manufacturing waste by 42%. By automating routine operations, customers can reduce administrative costs by 47% on average.”

Manufacturing Operations Management software for process and production intelligence
Automation systems and industrial plants are growing increasingly complex. Customers require more flexible production in larger consolidated plants, with less people, needing more insights into plant performance. In addition, data storage and transactions should be reliable, cyber secure, and with high capacity. ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management software is ABB’s response to these needs. It is a comprehensive software solution that ensures the coordination of processes and the exchange of information using web services. It is fully integrated with Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and/or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. It provides the ability to process and analyze big data coming from various locations within the plant and transform it into precise information that enables operators to make correct and fast decisions, quickly react to changes, and optimize and continuously improve the manufacturing process.

This scalable and modular system is based on a platform that includes all services necessary for all industry applications. The modules themselves cover all key capabilities, i.e. process intelligence, production intelligence, manufacturing execution and production optimization.

ABB (ABBN: Six Swiss Ex) je lídr a průkopník v oborech elektrotechnických výrobků, robotiky a pohonů, průmyslové automatizace a energetiky. Zákazníci ABB pocházejí z odvětví energetiky, průmyslu, dopravy a infastruktury z celého světa. V návaznosti na více než 130 let tradice inovací dnes společnost ABB tvoří budoucnost průmyslové digitalizace a je hybnou silou energetické a čtvrté průmyslové revoluce. Jako titulární partner Formule E, mezinárodní kategorie závodů FIA pro vozidla s výhradně elektrickým pohonem, ABB posouvá hranice e-mobility a přispívá k udržitelné budoucnosti. ABB působí ve více než 100 státech a má přibližně 135 000 zaměstnanců.

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