PASS M00 is perfect for wind farm HV internal collection grids

ABB’s PASS series of hybrid switchgear modules combines the advantages of traditional air-insulated switchgear (AIS) and advanced SF6 gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) technologies.

The newest addition to the family is the PASS M00 range of multifunctional modules that cover voltages between 72.5 kV and 100 kV and breaking currents up to 40 kA.

PASS M00 is a combination of well proven standard components including: circuit breaker, a spring operating mechanism, current transformer and an innovative new concept for the combined disconnecting and earthing function. This five-position disconnector, which is integrated in the main chamber, enables the following functions:
• Line disconnection
• Busbar disconnection
• Earthing of the line through the circuit breaker
• Earthing of the busbar through the chamber

The multifunctional PASS M00 module can also integrate current and voltage transformers, surge arresters and protection and control systems. It is available for single and double busbar configurations, has a single and triple pole operating mechanism option and is ideally suited for use as a standard product in the design of new modular substations or for retrofit applications.

Wind farm applications
PASS M00 is ideally suited to high-voltage (HV) wind farm collection grid applications where it offers these advantages:
• Compactness due to full gas insulation
• Fast installation time (no HV test is required on site)
• High reliability obtained through lean design;
• Fast repair in case of faults due to modular assembly
• Remote control provided by motor operability;
• Easy combination with oil insulated, gas insulated and dry power transformers.

A case study of new generation offshore wind farms equipped with 5 MW turbines revealed that the use of PASS M00 modules in 72 kV collection grids made it possible to fit a complete HV substation within a tower with the following advantages:
• Reduction in the number of arrays necessary to export the energy produced
• Reduction in the number of cables in parallel for each feeder;
• Increase in the power capacity/current ampacity of a single feeder;
• Reduction in the losses in subsea AC internal grid array cables;
• Decrease in the voltage drop in the feeder/string;
• Decrease in the short circuit value of internal grid apparatus;
• Eliminate the need to construct an offshore HV/MV platform substation when offshore wind farms are close to land
• Flexible internal configuration and higher reliability

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