The “era of energy and climate”

2013-09-23 - Increasing demand for energy, scarce resources and climate change require a re-structuring of the current electricity supply system.

By ABB Communications

Recently, the 2nd Swiss Energy and Climate Summit (Swiss ECS) took place in Bern, Switzerland. Experts from companies, utilities and public institutions discussed the challenges involved to supply society and industry with reliable power.

To get some insights from Remo Luetolf, head of ABB in Switzerland, watch the video below.

The summit started with a presentation from «New York Times»- columnist Thomas Friedman who talked about the significant and fast technology-related changes and what they mean for society. According to Friedman when it comes to energy, cross societal and cross country strategies are necessary. In his book «Hot, Flat and Crowded» he even states how the “era of energy and climate” has begun, which is shaped by global warming and an enormous increase in the world’s population. Further speakers were Prof. Christoph Schmidt, Chairman of the German Council of Economic Experts, and Dr. Christoph Frei, General Secretary of the World Energy Council. Christoph Schmidt presented a new market model in which quotas for green electricity displace subsidies creating a more market-oriented approach. Christoph Frei talked about how complexity and speed in the energy and climate industry generate insecurities for investors.

Guest on stage was also Remo Luetolf, head of ABB in Switzerland. He participated in a podium discussion about “Energy economy: Setting the right priorities” in which he highlighted the importance of looking at the energy supply as a technically and economically holistic system. Another speaker from ABB was Willi Paul, head of ABB Corporate Research. He explained that ABB’s technologies have great potential for direct current applications. In this context he mentioned how the recently developed hybrid HVDC breaker removes a major stumbling block in the development of HVDC transmission grids.

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