ABB Contributes to Secure Power Supply in Jiangsu

2012-05-09 - ABB Xiamen Low Voltage Equipment Co., Ltd. (CNILX) announced that it had won a project to supply power to residential quarters in Jiangsu, providing nearly 20,000 units of MNS3.0 low voltage switchgear for users in 13 cities of the province. This is ABB’s second framework agreement for the centralized purchase of low voltage switchgears with Jiangsu Power Supply Bureau (JSPSB), and is CNILX’s largest project since its inception.

JSPSB has been organizing centralized bidding of power supply facilities since 2010, in order to regulate power supply for the newly built residential quarters in Jiangsu. The province has one of the largest grids in China, spanning over a vast land of approximately 100 thousand square kilometers, and had defined advanced equipment and technology, high reliability and good service as the basic requirements for its power supply.

To better meet the requirements of the project in Jiangsu, CNILX appointed a task force consisting of colleagues from such functions as project management, engineering, production, commercial sales, purchasing and after-sales service. In line with customer requirements, ABB adapted the original switchgear design to the standard specified by the customer – for example changing the bus-bar arrangement and ACB stacking, under JSPSB’s requirement that a consistent standard should be applied to all bidders to achieve interconnectivity and interchangeability between various switchgear brands. Internally, the functions involved coordinated effectively and proactively communicated with the customer, and top management was also closely involved. As for after-sales service, the customer was promised service for the product beyond the warranty period simply by signing a service contract with CNILX.

“The success of the project is attributable to the professionalism and dedication of every ABB person involved”, said Mr.Ian Lui, General Manager of CNILX.

CNILX has become one of the largest low-voltage systems manufacturers in the world, with an annual capacity of low voltage switchgear in excess of 30,000 units and 50,000 units of air-insulated circuit breakers. With its excellent product quality and after-sales service, CNILX continues to make an important contribution to a safer and more reliable power supply in China and around the world.

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