A professional Service Tool for KNX System Integrators

2012-02-09 - The new ABB i-bus® Tool

ABB presents a fully new and innovative software concept with the i-bus® Tool. It supports system integrators during commissioning and service of KNX installations. The i-bus® Tool accesses one ABB i-bus® KNX device via a standard KNX interface (RS232, USB, IP) with the assistance of the physical address. The integrator can trigger the desired functions, read values, simulate states and make settings for the connected device. Internal information and states of the device hardware and software applications, which were not available to the integrators or only available after considerable effort, are now available in a transparent manner and can be specifically retrieved and partly influenced. The information from status bytes can, for example, be represented as plain text.

An important principle is that no divergences to the ETS project can result through the i-bus® Tool. The i-bus® Tool is optional, so that the ABB i-bus® KNX devices are still be commissioned using the ETS.

Diagnostics and Commissioning Support for the Professional
ABB provides a unique user interface within the i-bus® Tool, a so-called plug-in, for every supported device. The device-specific information is displayed via this plug-in, and the required settings can be made.
The i-bus® Tool is being expanded continuously with new functions and supported devices. The expansions are automatically made available by an online update and can be installed if required.

The i-bus® Tool is free-of-charge and can be downloaded at the specified link on the right side.

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    i-bus® Tool – Plug-In for Blind/Roller Shutter Actuator JRA/S
    i-bus® Tool – Plug-In for Blind/Roller Shutter Actuator JRA/S
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