Pumping station for water transfer system in Algeria

2011-10-27 - ABB was selected by Algeria-based ETRHB Haddad in 2007 to provide the main pumping station for the Harrach-Douéra Water Transfer System between the Harrach river and Douéradam in northern Algeria.
We asked Mr. Mohand Bouam, operations general manager of ETRHB Haddad, to describe his company's experience of working with ABB.

The pumping station has a total installed power of 11 MW and a transfer capacity of 70 million cubic meters of water. It is equipped with two pumping lines: one line pumps the high flows from the river to the dam via a 23 km pipeline, and the second line pumps from the dam to the local distribution and irrigation network.
ABB was responsible for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the electrical, mechanical, control, instrumentation and communication equipment of the pumping station.
The project was completed in November 2009 and the project acceptance certificate was signed in March 2011.

Would you briefly describe your company’s operations and its role in the Harrach Douéra water transfer project?
With the infrastructure opportunities that are currently available in the Algerian market, our Group strategy is to invest in all sectors of activity – water, rail, tram, large infrastructure, and concrete and steel pipe production. This makes ETRHB a company committed to the development and growth of the national economy.

This is the first time that ETRHB Haddad has worked with ABB. Why did your company select ABB for this particular project?
As a specialist company in the execution of pumping stations ABB gave us valuable technical assistance during the tender phase of the project and the submission of our tender to the end user, ONID (the Algerian National Office for Irrigation and Drainage). ABB’s ability to meet the requirements of the project, and its track record in providing similar water transfer Pumping station for water transfer system in Algeria schemes in Algeria and other countries, were a vital part of our bid. When we were awarded the contract, we retained ABB for having submitted the best technical solution and commercial offer.

ABB provided a complete mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation solution for the pumping station. Was this comprehensive capability a key consideration in your selection of ABB?
Yes, indeed. In water transfer projects such as Harrach-Douéra, our company focuses on civil engineering and the pipelines, while relying on experienced partners like ABB for the turnkey execution of the pumping stations. ABB was able to provide an integrated and optimized solution that brought benefits not only to us, but to the end user as well. Infrastructure projects like Harrach-Douéra that consume large amounts of electric power require an integrated solution that meets the complex specifications of the project for efficiency. With ABB we had a technically competent partner who could develop the detailed design and find solutions to the problems we encountered on the way. The project acceptance certificate was signed in March 2011.

Did ABB’s execution of the project and your collaboration with ABB meet your expectations?
We are very pleased – and so too is our customer (the end user) – with our collaboration with ABB and for its technology and the involvement of its very competent local team.

Now that the project has been completed, what if any were the benefits to your company in selecting ABB and the ABB solution?
We developed a very good working relationship with ABB during the execution of the project. Their project management was structured, precise and very efficient, and their team showed flexibility when required. As a result they were able to adapt the solution to changing requirements and complete the installation in a shorter time than contracted. We also benefited from their technical expertise and hydraulic studies, which ensured an optimal design of the hydraulic system and the reliability of the power and water networks.

Are there any benefits to the end user with the ABB solution?
Harrach-Douéra is among the first in the Algerian water sector to use variable speed drives to regulate the hydraulic system. This has resulted in a large reduction in energy consumption and better control of network dynamics, compared to the traditional method of throttling valves. The pumping station
is also one of the first in Algeria to be equipped with a state-of-the-art distributed control system. Operators find it easy and intuitive to use, and they can monitor and control the whole pumping process from any station.

Will Harrach Douéra be an important reference for your company?
Absolutely! This is a first for our Group, and it sets a benchmark of great importance for our future in the pumping station sector.

The main pumping station for the Harrach-Douéra Water Transfer System, Algeria

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    Mr Mohand Bouam, Operations General Manager Groupe ETRHB Haddad
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