ABB’s Smart Grid learning continues with world-class collaboration in Denmark

2012-07-09 - Denmark is considered by the European Union as one of the leading global players in the development of smart grids. Although many countries are increasingly focused on smart grids, Denmark is a front-runner in the research and development of smart grid technologies.

ABB’s Network Management System forms the backbone of PowerLabDKABB’s Network Management System forms the backbone of PowerLabDK.

According to the latest mapping of the Danish smart grid sector by the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster (CCC), there are 60 smart grid firms, including ABB, with a total of 15,500 employees working on different aspects of the smart grid concept. These companies represent 22 percent of all testing and demonstration projects in Europe, which is twice as much as in Germany, while Spain represents 8.7 percent.

ABB is actively collaborating in this exciting sector. Denmark is one of the leaders in the control and management systems required to balance the energy supplied by volatile renewable sources, such as wind and solar power, with its consumption during peak demand periods. And ABB is the market and technology leader in network management.

DTU’s PowerLabDK officially opens for research, test and demonstration

Testing facilities are a vital component to demonstrate and refine tomorrow's smart grid systems. The recently opened PowerLabDK at the Danish Technical University is one of the best research platforms in the world – a large-scale test and teaching laboratory where ABB’s Ventyx Network Management System is being applied to enable different stakeholders to develop intelligent power systems for the future.

PowerLabDK provides the complete power system for the island of Bornholm’s 27,000 electricity customers, where 33 percent of the energy comes from wind. It offers a unique setting that enables researchers and students to test real-time data from Østkraft, the energy company of Bornholm, and to use this data in simulation tests. This is a truly unique learning opportunity.

At PowerLabDK’s inauguration ceremony, Martin Lidegaard, Minister for Climate, Energy and Building, and Jacob Østergaard, professor and center director at the Danish Technical University (DTU), emphasized the importance of having the "full picture of the necessary solutions" in an electric power system with a very high proportion of renewable energy – and the importance of this knowledge for the development of good future products and solutions. For this reason, research, development and testing are essential components for the power systems of the future.

In the field of R&D, ABB has decades of experience and has always been on the leading edge of power technology. In February 2012, ABB inaugurated a new Smart Lab at its Dalmine facility in Italy to simulate and study, with real components, the behavior of components in low- and medium-voltage intelligent networks.

A month later, in March, ABB’s new Smart Grid Center of Excellence was opened in North Carolina in the United States. The nation’s first-of-its-kind demonstration center and testing lab, which uses cutting-edge smart grid software and equipment in an integrated approach to illustrate to electric utilities, co-ops, municipalities and other electricity providers, how the latest Smart Grid technology can play a vital role in severe weather management for entire cities.

“This increased collaboration reaffirms ABB’s commitment to provide best in class smart grid solutions and enables the development of tomorrow’s power systems for a reliable and sustainable energy supply,” said Jochen Kreusel, Head of the ISI Smart Grids.

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    Jacob Oestergaard, Professor and Center Director at the DTU explains the operation of PowerLabDK
    Jacob Oestergaard, Professor and Center Director at the DTU explains the operation of PowerLabDK

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