Süddeutscher Verlag, Munich, selects ABB to replace obsolete press control components

2014-11-10 - ABB, one of the leading suppliers of automation solutions for the newspaper industry, has announced a new order from Süddeutscher Verlag Zeitungsdruck GmbH, which prints the Süddeutsche Zeitung at its Munich print center in Germany, for a modular retrofit of three printing towers and one folder on one of its manroland Colorman printing presses.

Süddeutscher Verlag Zeitungsdruck GmbH was confronted with the situation where various Interbus components on their presses were obsolete and spare parts were either very difficult or, indeed, impossible to obtain. By placing this order the company has ensured the future availability of its printing capacity as the retrofit on the three towers and the folders frees up spare parts for the rest of the presses.

The forward-looking solution from ABB replaces all proprietary Interbus Loop devices with standard components. The list of devices to be replaced includes the LBA Interbus Loop master units, manufactured by manroland, control panels, web break detectors, ink level sensors, interfaces to the Festo valves and positional encoders. The long-term availability of the entire system will be further increased by replacing existing PLC units with new control systems based on ABBs Advant Controller AC500.

The commissioning will begin in the first quarter of 2015. The ABB procedures will ensure that no press shutdown is required. Even the commissioning of the folder systems will take place in stages to make sure there are no interruptions to the production schedules.

A further part of the order concerns the replacement of 8 ANTEK infeeds. Here too ABB will be supplying a compact, modular solution that is directly suitable for all infeeds of the type EZ3. The existing ANTEK drives will be replaced with new ABB ACSM1 drives. The peripheral modules such as the power supplies, contactors and circuit breakers will also be replaced. The existing motors and encoders will be retained.

The new components of the drive system will be delivered pretested on mounting plates so the installation time can be reduced to a minimum.

The print center of Süddeutscher Verlag Zeitungsdruck GmbH in Munich

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