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    ABB’s ACS 600 Drives Provide Precise Motor Control For Demanding Plastic Production Processes

    AC Drives Provide Extremely Precise Motor Control and Save Encoder Costs Through Direct Torque Control (DTC) Technology; Embedded Drive Applications Control Center Winder and Inline Tension Control

    NEW BERLIN, Wisconsin, June 19, 2000 – State-of-the-art Direct Torque Control (DTC) technology in ABB’s ACS 600 variable-speed AC single drive requires no encoder or tachometer, saving plastics producers significant capital costs in new drive installations or retrofits of their processing lines. Embedded applications in the drive, utilizing ABB software and the precise DTC technology, also make the ACS 600 ideal for Center Winders and Inline tension control. The ACS 600 single drive series ranges from 2 - 4,000 horsepower (208 – 690V) and provides unmatched motor control for injection molding machines, extruders, melt pumps and pelletizers.

    “The ACS 600 drive family has anticipated the shift worldwide to AC motor control in virtually all processing applications,” said Chuck Hollis, director of industrial sales, ABB Automation Inc., Drives & Power Products Group, New Berlin, Wisconsin. “Such a family creates an ‘easy-to-use commonality’ throughout all the models, including a common drives platform, similar operator control panels, pre-programmed macros, advanced application software -- and share installation, start-up and maintenance features,” he noted. “End-users get ease of installation, operation and control performance that a decade ago was unimaginable.”

    The ACS 600 also is ideal for powering AC motors in general purpose production applications such as pumps, fans, and factory automation systems. The drive provides direct speed and torque control without an encoder or tachometer (required by other drives to feed back motor shaft speed or position).

    Direct Torque Control; Embedded Applications

    ABB introduced the ACS 600 single drive series with it’s unique Direct Torque Control (DTC) in 1995. This open loop DTC feature, which enables the ACS 600 to calculate the state (torque and flux) of a motor 40,000 times per second, makes the drive trip-less. “Because this open-loop control of torque is so precise, the ACS 600 can adapt to and handle rapid changes in load, over/under voltages, and even short circuits, immediately,” said Hollis. “This rapid response to load changes make this drive ideal for operation of process lines, many of which require consistent and constant speed or tension throughout the production process.”

    ABB’s proprietary Winder and Inline software utilizes this DTC technology to control product tension within a process by adjusting the speed or torque, based on Tension or Dancer feedback, or Draw Input. Through these embedded applications, the drives can be used as an extremely cost-effective solution for web-handling equipment such as film machines. ABB has more than 500 Center Winder and 1000 Inline Tension Control applications installed, respectively, on webs around the world.

    ABB also has introduced a four-quadrant regenerative version of the ACS 600. “DTC enables the regenerative ACS 600 to go smoothly from maximum motoring and regenerating power and back again in milliseconds,” says Ron Dombrowski, product manager – AC Drives, ABB Automation Inc., Drives & Power Products Group. The active rectifier, together with DTC, ensures smooth operation in even the most demanding applications, he noted. The AC drive operates effectively during voltage dips, and it also provides extremely low line harmonics and energy savings when braking. All the components that are needed are in one unit and the regenerative drive as easy to use as the rest of the ACS 600 family.

    Step-up/Sine Filter Package

    ABB also provides a step-up/sine filter ACS 600 drive package, with the filter built in. The filter suppresses the high frequency components, giving a sinusoidal output waveform to the motor. The step-up drive can be used with step-up or step-down output transformers, allowing end users to cost effectively connect the drive package to virtually any motor voltage. “It can be used with no output transformer to protect old motors in retrofits, or in very long lead length situations where the motor would typically be damaged when using a standard AC drive,” comments Dombrowski.

    Built-in Macros Ease Application Programming

    The ACS 600 has a library of built-in application macros that simplify programming. This provides, at the touch of a button, a pre-programmed selection of control configurations (inputs, outputs, signal processing, and other parameters) for typical applications. This ranges from simple three-wire start-stop and speed reference control, to a PID macro to control a process variable, to a sequential macro for batch mode control. An easy-to-configure lead/follower macro is also included in the ACS 600 for lead/follower systems.

    The nine-language alphanumeric control panel allows for quick customization without the need for look-up codes and a manual. The display simultaneously shows three different values, such as speed, frequency, current, torque, power or voltage. The control panel also has a convenient feature that enables all drive parameters to be copied from one drive to another to simplify start-up. Only one control panel is needed to program multiple drives.

    “The common drives platform for the ACS 600 family standardizes parts and is very user friendly,” says Dombrowski, “because an operator needs training only once to be able to work with any ACS 600 family drive in their facility. It doesn’t matter if it’s on an injection molding machine, pump, or an extruder, the basics are the same.” This saves training dollars and reduces downtime.

    Supporting the Life-cycle of Drives

    ABB also supports the overall performance of its drives with a comprehensive range of software tools. The suite of user-friendly tools that support the ACS 600 make it easy to work with many different ABB drives within the same facility. These Windows-based tools optimize sizing, engineering, ease start-up and maintenance support of drive systems. Tools for the ACS 600 drives family include:

    • DriveSize -- an easy-to-use tool for dimensioning motors, drives and transformers. It produces information based on the selected units quickly and clearly;
    • DriveWindow -- provides an extremely user-friendly way to start up, control and maintain a drive system from a PC. The tool is easy to learn and can be used for several types of drives at the same time. It can edit, upload and download parameters, as well as produce trends and monitor signals.

    Worldwide Design

    All of ABB’s ACS 600 DTC drives meet CE Mark Compliance standards. Upon user request, the drives can be built to meet all the EU (European Union) Council Directives for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility).

    ABB, the global technology company, is the world's largest manufacturer of electric motors and drives. In the USA, an integrated channel of sales representatives, distributors, and system integrators allow ABB Automation Inc., Drives & Power Products Group in New Berlin, Wisconsin, to supply a complete line of energy-efficient electric drives, motors and engineered drive systems to a wide range of industrial and commercial customers. Products manufactured include AC & DC variable speed drives for electric motors from 1/2 through135,000 HP, large AC machines and drives, medium-voltage drives, power electronics and rectifier systems, AC & DC motors, and application-specific drive system solutions to meet diverse customer needs. Low voltage component AC drives can also be specified and ordered via the company's e-commerce website at http://www.comp-ac.com.

    ABB with its U.S. headquarters in Norwalk, Conn., serves customers in automation; power transmission and distribution; oil, gas and petrochemicals; building technologies; and in financial services. U.S. operations employ over 16,000 people at manufacturing and other facilities in 40 states. Worldwide, ABB Group reported revenues of $25 billion in 1999. With novel IT applications, tailored software solutions, growing eBusiness, and a fast-expanding knowledge and service base, ABB is building links to the new
    economy. The Group employs about 165,000 people in more than 100 countries.
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    ABB ACS 600 Drive Provides the Precise Torque Control Critical to Extruders


    NEW BERLIN, Wis., 2000 – The open-loop DTC feature of ABB’s ACS 600 drives, which enable the drive to calculate the state (torque and flux) of a motor 40,000 times per second, makes the motor controller trip-less. “Because this open-loop control of torque is so precise, the ACS 600 can adapt to and handle rapid changes in load, over/under voltages, and even short circuits, immediately – ideal for the operation of extruders.

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