Cyber security

The world of power and automation is changing in the face of new opportunities and challenges. ABB remains committed to helping customers take advantage of technology advances while minimizing exposure to risk in areas like cyber security.

As a leading provider of control and automation solutions for the power sector and a wide spectrum of industries, ABB combines its technology strengths and domain expertise to provide a vast range of customer-focused solutions that enhance asset productivity and efficiency. Safety and reliability are given the highest priority in all of our products, systems and services.Cyber security, which is a key aspect of these efforts, is not viewed as a one-time activity, but as an integral and continuous part of the product lifecycle, from early design and development, through testing and commissioning, to life time support service and future adaptations.

We continue to build expertise in this area and partner with industry collaborators and specialists.By understanding market conditions, customer needs and the cyber environment, ABB works closely with customers to achieve the necessary levels of cyber security without compromising operational performance.These solutions are aimed at reducing business risk, providing comfort and confidence, as well as enabling compliance with standards and legal requirements.

Cyber security issues have been the subject of standardization initiatives by IEEE, IEC and ISA for some time and ABB plays an active role in all these organizations, helping to define and implement cyber security standards for power and industrial control systems. The objective is to establish the necessary levels of cyber security, and maintain that level, even in the face of challenges, while preserving the availability and functional interoperability of systems.

For more information on ABB’s activities to combat the threat of cyber attacks on control systems, please contact ABB through the link in the right-hand margin.

ABB papers on cyber security

For power and water industries (PDF/170kB)

How end users and vendors are or should be facing it

For Industrial Automation and Control Systems (PDF/319kB)

Background and general overview of different elements of information system security.

Security in the smart grid (PDF/147kB)

How do we protect the grid from hackers, criminals, disgruntled employees?

Balancing the Demands of Reliability and Security

Cyber Security for Substation Automation, Protection and Control Systems

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