Data Centers - Availability

The top priority of data center management is availability

The top priority of data center management is availability. However, in many cases, the systems and equipment being used in data center applications was not designed to meet the specific needs of that environment. Many were built for commercial environments and lack the redundancy required for critical, high availability applications. A few examples include:
    • Residential “zero crossing” type mini circuit breakers that can easily let through enough energy to trip the main, causing hundreds of servers to go offline
    • Instrumentation that is not built for long life in critical applications
    • Key transformers that can represent a single point of failure for a data center
    • Switchgear that is often inflexible and requires significant maintenance

Data centers also face challenges simply because the industry has only existed as such for a short time. There are no unified control systems that present energy, server operations and environmental information under a single interface, for example, and operators have a difficult time learning and keeping up with constantly changing and disparate systems. Data center personnel are generally not skilled in managing electrical and automation equipment, yet these are vital to their business.

ABB can help. Contact us today to learn how you can overcome these challenges and others with the right systems and solutions.

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